Police to patrol Penang on e-bikes

A shop assistant demonstrating how to ride an electric bicycle at a store in Beijing. Three private companies have given Penang police seven e-bikes, worth RM25,760, as part of their corporate social responsibility. – EPA pic, December 29, 2017.

PENANG police will patrol the island on electric bicycles, said to be the first such initiative in the country, reported The Star.

State police chief Commissioner Chuah Ghee Lye said three private companies had given seven e-bikes, worth RM25,760, as part of their corporate social responsibility.

“The e-bikes can help us monitor popular tourist areas and busy roads with ease, compared with using bigger motorised vehicles.

It will improve our response time in crowded areas and expand our patrolling areas.

“Our first aim is to carry out ‘stop-and-talk’ sessions with the people. The e-bikes will stand out in public,” he said during a handover ceremony at the state police headquarters yesterday.

Each e-bike costs RM3,680 and can travel up to 50km at a speed of 25kph before requiring a four-hour recharge.

It can also be switched from electric mode to manual by pedalling.

Chuah said it was a private initiative, and the impact of Penang police’s e-bike use would be studied for a month before feedback was given to Bukit Aman.

“The federal government did not fund the project. It is a corporate social responsibility initiative by companies that want to help prevent crime.

“If we find that it has a positive impact, compared with manual bicycles, we will suggest that the federal government implement it for the police force throughout the country.

“The Penang Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department will monitor the outcome.

“They will send a monthly assessment report to Bukit Aman,” he said, adding that the project was in line with their two policies of encouraging officers to be fit and saving the environment.

We encourage our men to stay healthy. With the e-bikes, they can pedal manually and switch to electric mode when needed, especially when going uphill.” – December 29, 2017.

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