After 18 water cuts in Selangor, fed-up public demand answers

Noel Achariam Chan Kok Leong

Klang Valley folk collecting water from an Air Selangor tanker yesterday. The closure of four treatment plants because of pollution led to disruptions to more than 1.2 million accounts. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, October 20, 2020.

COMPENSATION for consumers and a task force to tackle river pollution are the two immediate measures the authorities must undertake to tackle water supply disruptions, said an activist group and a former commission chairman.

These measures are crucial after 18 disruptions in the Klang Valley between March and October, which burdened millions of users, they told The Malaysian Insight.

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  • We dont want answers. We just want the CEO to resign. Enough of PR already!

    Posted 5 months ago by Victor Low

  • All talk but no action (relatively) by politicians. The authorities have not come to realise the enormity of the problem and it's consequences. Bandying around reference to 1.2 million accounts. Do they know how many people and constituents this amount to? Based on 4 per household this amounts to around 5 million human beings. What have the powers that be done? Always avoiding the crux of the problem. Factories and businesses next to the river which flows into the water treatment plant intake must be forcibly removed and relocated by legislation. Powerful vested interests of these riverine factories must be ignored in the interests of 5 million people. The authorities and politicians has no gumption, eunuchs by choice because they do not want lose political donations and bribes. The enforcement people are just as woeful because they do anything except enforce, more amenable to settle any breaches of the laws and regulations by accepting gratuities. The public at large seem helpless but are not blameless, continuing entrenched habits of throwing rubbish into drains and waterways. Lacking in civic consciousness they behave in a all for himself manner. Non existent civic initiatives by NGOs to love your river, patrol and protect the waterways also lend a depressing air of apathy. Welcome to Malaysia, folks. What you sow is what you reap.

    Posted 5 months ago by Panchen Low

  • Rampant water cuts in Selangor and the same answer was given to the people affected that is, irresponsible factories operators polluted it, and that has been always the mindset under the skin of the relevant authorities. And when you relevant authorities people set in a meeting room to discuss about this and enjoy your karipap and teh tarik first things on your paper is we have no jurisdiction over the matter and push it to others in the room. The party/parties that do have the jurisdiction will come up with a standard answer we dont have enough resources and equipment and we certainly cant look after the rivers for 24/7 365 days. Well let me tell you one thing, you are all the biggest fuckers in Selangor. Makan gaji buta. While the state politician busy with their politics the almost retired Ketua Pengarah/Pengarah couldnt care less, all boils down to the Penolong Pengarah and he/she says why do I need to carry the burden all by myself and the best part the enforcement unit got their side income to closed both eyes leaving the people of Selangor to face the music. A whole bunch of goons and if the MB of Selangor can managed this under your office what the fuck are you doing?? This is your state and you are in charge idiot, get your act together and fuck and sack if you must but take charge of it and own it as you owe it to the people of Selangor as we had enough of this cat and mouse act.

    Posted 5 months ago by Teruna Kelana

  • Charles Santiago as the former SPAN chairman has some good recommendations so please do not ignore them. Can the state government please work together with him and solve this persistent problem that is truly ruining our livelihood and the states economy. Put your ego aside and work together please!

    Posted 5 months ago by Elyse Gim