Pakatan, DAP leaders spoofed in Umno assembly sideshow

Radzi Razak

Mocking caricatures of the opposition, especially of DAP, greet delegates of the 71st Umno general assembly on the ground floor of the Putra World Trade Centre. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Nazir Sufari, December 5, 2017.

PHOTOS of Pakatan Harapan leaders adorn a wall at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) where Umno’s 71st annual general assembly is taking place this week.

Far from being complimentary, however, the images are mocking caricatures of the leaders of the opposition, with DAP being the prime target.

About 20 anti-DAP images feature in the exhibition installed by the Umno information bureau, on the ground floor of the PWTC.

According to party members on duty at the exhibition, the show was the idea of ​​Umno information chief Annuar Musa. Umno president Najib Razak will launch it later this afternoon.

“The show explains why it is necessary to keep away from the opposition, from DAP. Also featured are pictures showing our president Datuk Seri (Najib) with the people,” the party member said.

The caricatures and posters depict PH chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Amanah president Mohamed Sabu and PKR president Dr Wan Azizan Wan Ismail as being under the thumb of DAP veteran and party parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang.

A large caricature of Lim  looms over the portraits of the other PH leaders.

Several television screens play video clips of Annuar narrating how Lim and DAP “beat the three most prominent Malay Muslim leaders – Dr Mahathir, Mohamed Sabu, and former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim – and turned them into followers of DAP.

“This is dangerous, as all of them are following DAP’s lead. That is why they are opposed to anything to do with Malays and Islam,” Annuar  says in the video.

Another wall at the exhibition shows pictures of Najib at various meet-the-people sessions since becoming Umno president and prime minister in 2009.

The general assembly, which begins tonight and ends Saturday, is the final gathering of Malaysia’s largest ruling party before the 14th general election, which must be called by August. – December 5, 2017.

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  • Imagine, an entire political party slandering because they cannot deal with their own problem. Fact is UMNO is a political party that finds it necessary to lie to its suppoters and members to remain in power. They do not respect their voters, members and supporter. They are MEDIEVALLY CONTEMPTOUS of those they rule and hold sway.

    Posted 6 years ago by Bigjoe Lam · Reply

  • The DAP demonizing act began in Tun M's era.…those days no Internet, most people lived in suburbs, knew little about finance.. Can't imagine how this old trick can still work with the present generation..

    Posted 6 years ago by Tanahair Ku · Reply