Dr Mahathir, Wan Azizah proposed as leaders if opposition wins next general election

The Malaysian Insight

Almost all Pakatan Harapan parties want Dr Mahathir Mohamad to be prime minister if they win the next general elections. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, December 3, 2017.

EXCEPT for PKR, the other Pakatan Harapan parties have agreed to name Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as interim prime minister and deputy prime minister respectively, if the coalition wins the next general election. 

The Malaysian Insight learnt that the proposal was made during a two-day PH retreat at Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya on December 1 and 2.

“Bersatu, Amanah and DAP have agreed, only PKR hasn’t reached a consensus,” the source, who attended the retreat, said on condition of anonymity. 

The Malaysian Insight learnt that Wan Azizah had also agreed to the proposal in principal, but is facing opposition from a faction within her party.

“We have to defer the decision because PKR wants to discuss it in their political bureau (meeting),” the source added.

The retreat also concluded all parties would discuss the matter internally after the programme, the source said. 

Another source from Amanah said the party had made its decision a month ago, unlike other parties in the coalition. 

“Other parties were still undecided then,” the source told The Malaysian Insight. 

The source said the retreat, which was attended by top leadership of PKR, Bersatu, Amanah and DAP, had also agreed to finalise seat allocation among the parties by the end of December. 

“We don’t have much time, we have to move fast,” the source said, adding the coalition would find other alternatives if its application to register as an official coalition is unresolved. 

“If Registrar of Societies still refuses (to approve), PH will use logo of one of its most acceptable and well-known parties. 

“Most probably it will be PKR’s logo,” the source said. – December 3, 2017.

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  • the rot started in July 1981. 37 years later, we are asked to vote for the same sht.
    come on, Opp. you are all deluded. i would draw a cartoon on my ballot than vote this chap in.

    Posted 6 years ago by Ju bur · Reply

    • the people do not want an unrepentant despot from the past, the architect dubious toll concessions, crony capitalism, IPPs, corrupted institutions, handouts, Op Lalang, and other BS, all irreversible damages since 1981. give us hishamudin rais, tian chua etc any day, the real heroes and fighters, folks who suffered more and resonate with the true struggles for Malaysia. these are the ordinary folks that will unite the people. not this chap laaa.

      Posted 6 years ago by Ju bur · Reply

    • Really!!!! no wonder your name sound as what your character will be. Why are you still harping on the old issues.???? I can bet cha ,you are still suckling your mom boobs for nourishment to actually know or evaluate what happen then. Tell me of anyone with strong individualistic demeanor in the current set up of opposition block who will be abled to galvanise a strong cohesive front and gives UmnoBN a run for the contest. Definitely not those in your name list and neither is any of those that is not named who have yet to fray into the years of harden political battle front. Those who could are not eligible due to the circumtances not of their doings. So ??? whats your option???. You tell something better. You remind me of the young youth during one of the workshop conferences with the opposition leaders, who show traces of ignorance as any new born, blindly going for the kill on the old issues and ridiculously like herds attitude they thought that bringing it up makes them prominent and looks educated on the concerns. Suspiciously their intellectual discourse and bantering do not give a glimpse of what they are actually seeking for their future developement. I can only concluded that some of them are being instigated to harp on concerns to create a nagging effect but sadly it does not augur well for the future of this young generations where they are lost in not recognising the immediate issues propagated by the incumbent Government for many decades ( and strangely also contributed by the old fox ) which are causing miseries and taking heavy toll in uplifting the country forward. I am not saying we should follow the adage of "It takes a thief to catch a thief" but seriously we do not have the luxury of time or options in selections but live with what is the next best and make ado with the situation as it goes along. Get it kid!!! The old fox can't do much of damage anymore ( sorry no offence Madhatir ) but he sure will love to visualise himself as an old hero riding out into the sunset with his boots on for a last good fight to make amends for all his wrong doings and be remembered as the slayer of the bugis monster lanun. I will go for it, rather than waiting for nothing to happen.

      Posted 6 years ago by Lee Lee · Reply

    • some people are amazingly in drunken stupor for decades. must be still wet behind ears. old fox hasn't returned a single sen stolen from the people since 1981. not much of a choice vs MO1. certainly won't be everyone's next hero lol. OK la, OldFox can't do much damage anymore. really ah? watch out for your backside ( that's jubur for you) the fox has, and can stoop that low (again) to fkk you right there again.

      Posted 6 years ago by Ju bur · Reply

    • In reality the folks who really took a beating in those 37years were the ones you mentioned and the likes of azizah, nurul, kit siang, guan eng and more.. If they have managed to forgive and find common ground for the good of the nation, who are we to raise our dissatisfaction. I am sure they have thought it out and concluded that this is the best strategy for change. I may have the same reservations and opinions as you on DrM but I rather look at the larger picture and say that if the folks at DAP PKR and others who have truly suffered the past rather than the regular rakyat decide this is the path to change then I shall follow suit. This is not herd mentality voting but rational voting. We need an alternative. It may not be the ideal alternative but I am pretty sure it will be a BETTER alternative.

      Posted 6 years ago by Jackal Carlos · Reply

  • Is this for real? What a bunch of jokers...Is there really no other human being in PH that you have to make us choose this senile old monkey? Goddam it! You guys are better than this

    Posted 6 years ago by Mangkuk Hayun · Reply

    • Real or not real is none of you Umno cyber troopers to be concerned about as it belongs to PH decision. Strange if you guys wanna comments why don't you guys have the guts to put proper names rather than silly idiotic names like jubur or mangkok ayun which do not really speak a lot of one in the intellect level.

      Posted 6 years ago by Lee Lee · Reply

    • Boo hoo...You are not as high intelect being as you thought you are if petty thing like my silly idiotic name are your main concern. So for your level I give you good good slap of f of f-off. Do you even know my main concern? Dont be a shhep? It Mahathir we talking here? Do you really think malay will swing they vote for him? Tell me honestly is Mahathir the best we got?

      Posted 6 years ago by Mangkuk Hayun · Reply

    • ok la. you very intellectual. must be an offspring of a certain dead lee.
      but then lee lee, like wee wee, is hardly a shining example of intellect.

      Posted 6 years ago by Ju bur · Reply

    • Is this the best you two guys can counter respond. Betul2 korok lah!!!!!!. Go home, relax and wait for your mama"s cooking and then comes the BRIM to last you for maybe a month and after that God knows where your next meal comes from. Buang masa aku. Unta lagi cerdik !!!

      Posted 6 years ago by Lee Lee · Reply

    • Ok la. masakan kat rumah memang sedap, kesian la unta dan engkau ketagih sodo mee

      Posted 6 years ago by Ju bur · Reply

  • This for trolls.....
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend....
    U r going down

    Posted 6 years ago by Julian Chung · Reply