The zone: journey is destination

Azmyl Yunor

One duty of the arts is to demystify ‘the zone’, so that others, too, can have access to it and reap the reward of reclaiming our lives from consumerist nonsense and modernity’s ambivalences. – Pixabay pic, May 8, 2020.

IN last week’s piece, I waxed lyrical about the life of a wayfaring troubadour and how music-making is not just an industrial, but also a spiritual, pursuit.

I highlighted “the zone”, the condition (or more precisely, the state of being) most musicians share with one another after finishing a good set, and something we keep to ourselves because it’s kind of hard to explain to those who haven’t had the experience. In this round, I’d like to demystify this “state of being” and show that our pursuit of it is more ordinary than it seems.

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