Sayakenahack blocked, says founder

Yasmin Ramlan

Keith Rozario, creator of, says any geek can download breached data through the Google search engine. – EPA pic, November 16, 2017.

THE Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has stopped all access to microblogging site, said founder Vijandren Ramadass.

The website was set up for Malaysians to check whether they were victims of data theft that was reported last month. 

Since then, Malaysians have been flocking to the site to see if their MyKad numbers are among the data put up for sale on last month.

The data breach, leaked from several telecommunications companies, Malaysian Medical Association and others, involved 46.2 million records of mobile users.

“It’s blocked because it’s not right to manipulate the stolen data,” Vijandren told The Malaysian Insight.

“The owner of the site is a good person but there will be people who could abuse the site with the wrong purposes.”

Keith Rozario, creator of, said he had uploaded the data from the telecommunication companies and was debating whether to upload the data obtained from the medical sources.

He said he had downloaded the data as “any geek can find it online as it’s a Google search anyway”.

“I’m just making the data available to normal people who don’t look around in hacker forums.”

Rozario said the data was masked and he will not publish names or addresses.

“If you’re unhappy with this, you should be unhappy with the Election Commission website that publishes your name in FULL on their website upon entering just an IC number. Similar to PTPTN etc.”

The Malaysian Insight is trying to verify the block with MCMC.

Rozario also denied paying for the data.

“The data is available for free online. Even the ‘hacker’ who was selling it on Lowyat was basically a reseller.

“I did not pay for the data. I would never validate the business of reselling stolen data,” Rozario said on

According to his Twitter information, Rozario is an “architect by day and a tech blogger by night”.

Meanwhile, Vijandren said he spoke to Rozario, who is not aware of the block.

According to the report, Rozario said MCMC had not informed him of the reason for the block.

“We don’t say this very often with regard to sites being blocked by MCMC, but in this case, we are siding with MCMC.

“While MCMC has not confirmed nor denied the block, the sheer amount of information on the side could subject it to abuse.

“Rozario is a good guy, who set up the site for a noble purpose, but that does not stop unscrupulous individuals from abusing the data,” said Vijandren. – November 16, 2017.

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