Najib demands answers on Tabung Haji plantation sale

Tabung Haji is selling off its plantations, some at knock-down prices, claims former prime minister Najib Razak. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, January 19, 2020.

TABUNG Haji must explain its decision to sell off 76.2% of its palm oil plantations parked under its subsidiary TH Plantations, said Najib Razak.

Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the de facto Islamic affairs minister, should not remain silent on the issue and explain the sale to Muslims in the country, the former prime minister said in a Facebook post today.

“It is not 7% or 17%. This is 76.2%. More than two-thirds of Tabung Haji’s palm oil plantations are being sold off.

“Doesn’t the Menteri Haji think this is an important issue to Muslims?”

Tabung Haji, the board in charge of pilgrimage for Muslims, falls under the purview of Mujahid.

Two out of 14 TH plantations to be sold off have been disposed of, said Najib.

Najib also said one of the plantations was sold off at a low rate – down from the book rate of RM380 million to RM170 million.

“This was done after the auditor was replaced suddenly and sold at a much cheaper rate of RM170 million, or RM10,500 per acre.

“The minister has been silent for two weeks now.

“The least he can do is to accuse me of lying on this matter,” he said, adding that he was not lying as he got all the details of the sale from TH Plantations’ report. – January 19, 2020.

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  • Najib
    You have destroyed Tabung Haji and now you are pretending. A disgrace to Razak family

    Posted 4 years ago by Penganalisa L · Reply

  • What right have you to demand? Remember when you were the PM and we ask for answer about 1MDB? Did you answer?
    What about Atantuya? Did you answer?
    We ask about Teoh Beng Hock death, did you answer?
    No, you lost your lost everything, period. Live with it!!

    Posted 4 years ago by Adrian Tan · Reply