Confusion arises over Dong Jiao Zong’s Jawi congress agenda

Angie Tan

Chinese education group Dong Jiao Zong’s lack of agenda for its Jawi congress has caused confusion among its detractors. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, December 26, 2019.

THE confusion surrounding a Saturday congress on Jawi is caused by Chinese education group Dong Jiao Zong’s failure to communicate its objective, said analysts.

The group has failed to indicate what it is unhappy about with the teaching of the Jawi script in vernacular primary schools.

Political analyst and veteran newsman Cheah See Kian said the congress agenda is unclear so it is not easy to gauge what the responses will be.

He said the congress should just focus on who has the right to decide if the Jawi script should be taught in those schools.

He has urged Dong Jiao Zong to clearly state its demand.

He added the group should make clear its stance that it is against the introduction of Jawi in the Standard 4 Bahasa Malaysia syllabus and not the script itself.

“Parents are worried it will burden their children.”

He said DAP is caught in the middle as it is unsure how to resolve the matter.

Meanwhile, assistant professor at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Chin Chong Foh said the congress’ lack of clarity has caused misunderstanding among the Malay community.

“What exactly is the congress protesting about? We do not have clear information.

“Is it about the three pages on Jawi in school textbooks or allowing the board of directors in those schools the right to decide if Jawi should be introduced?”

While it is too late to cancel the congress, he said the group should tone down its rhetoric and communicate its stance in different languages so it is understood by other races.

He added the confusion has caused Malays to misinterpret it as a racial issue, hence the calls by some to ban Dong Jiao Zong.

He said if the Home Ministry acts against the group and revokes its registration, hopes to have the United Examination Certificate recognised will also be dashed.

The onus lies on Dong Jiao Zong to clear any misunderstanding, he said.

Chin felt the congress should only be held after the Malays have understood its purpose.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had warned Dong Jiao Zong that its insistence on holding the gathering could lead to other repercussions, such as Malay pressure groups reasserting their calls for vernacular schools to be shut down.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim also called on Dong Jiao Zong and other factions, including Malay organisations, not to hold any event on the issue.

Despite that, Dong Jiao Zong is going ahead with its congress at the New Era College in Kajang this Saturday. – December 26, 2019.

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  • Are their agenda unclear, or are they backpedaling?

    Posted 4 years ago by A Subscriber · Reply

  • As usual, education being hijack by chinese extremist politicians under the guise of educationists just like malay religion hijack by PAS extremusts

    Posted 4 years ago by S L · Reply

  • JAWI SHLD NOT BE FORCED ON ANYONE . Jawi is for muslims it shld be taught to the muslims in the mosque or in tahfiz schools . Keep SCHOOLS FREE FROM RACE N RELIGION IN ORDER TO BECOME A DEVELOPED COUNTRY. VISION 2020 FAILED WITH GOD'S GRACE

    Posted 4 years ago by Mindy Singh · Reply

  • No, the onus shd not be on Dong Jiao Zong to clear any misunderstanding; the onus is on Mahathir & co. Instead of providing state-men like leadership, he attends MDC, belittles the minority races, pushes thru the Jawi program without proper consultation, and even now, his one-sided leadership is there for all to see. No problem attending MDC, but warns of consequences when it comes to DJZ. He remains stubborn in his tunnel view of society, despite the hammering at Tg Piau.

    What do you expect then, from minorities whose space keep being taken away? It happened with the previous regime. And it continues under the present. Im now not sure which is a bigger betrayal; that BN leaders stole and practiced corruption? Or that PH has betrayed voters trust? Couple that with the impotence of the PH presidential council in addressing the Mahathir Dilemma, and you ask why DJZ must be the one who needs to clear anything?

    Posted 4 years ago by Rock Hensem · Reply

  • What misunderstanding? Isnt it very clear that the vernacular schools want their school board to be the decision maker when it comes to the teaching of Jawii?

    Posted 4 years ago by Rupert Lum · Reply

  • What a surprise for Malaysians after the defeat of UMNO and BN. Speeches made by many politicians prior to the elections, manifestos exhibited and promises of democracy coupled with human rights ushered in a new government coalition. Today one (1) man's vision of Malaysia is being played out. DR M is a Malay-Muslim supremacist. DR M refuses to take the blame what has happened to Malaysia today. DR M wants Malay supremacy because he does not see Chinese or Indians playing any part in helping his power base. Malays on the other hand ( some at least from the kampongs) are convinced that the Non-Malays are taking over the country. Every day we hear after DR M took over-that Non-Malay/Muslims are not 1st class citizens ( These pendatang are here in Malaysia at the pleasure of the Malay-Muslim government). For years Non-Malays have been insulted, put down and berated-although Malaysia ascent ( then) was contributed by Non-Malays.

    The Malay dignity Conference was an "APOLOGY" to Malaysians of how Malaysia is submerged by corruption-the malay government caused it-Malays were 90% corrupted ( as admitted by DR M himself). He created it.

    30 years ago people were laughing at China, look at them today. We were shocked that in 300 years the USA became a superpower. These are the figures. There are more PhD students from China in the US than any other country, mind you they had to learn English before starting the course at some point in time. In Malaysia, my grandfather speaks better Malay then my children. How come?

    Now we come to the educational system. Our Constitution makes it mandatory to study the National language, which is Bahasa Malaysia. That is fine-no complaints, Non-Malays can master it.... and have. But to force students of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist etc to start studying Arabic. I think this is going too far. We dont want to be arabs. When the DR M had a Malay conference on Malay dignity, what is wrong in the chinese haveing their conference/meeting.

    DR M by his suggestion of Malay anger at this meeting, shows that he is a PM for the majority Malay population. This is what we have today. It is a human right of every citizen to stand up in an assembly and speak his point of view, so long as he does not cause disturbance-ie peacefully. I think the PM is dead wrong. Additionally, where are the arrests of those bastards threatening 13th May 1969. PH is hopeless.

    I would argue that we Malaysians fight for a STRONG OPPOSITION. Democracy needs a strong opposition-let us support UMNO, MCA , Gerakan and MIC. We then can defeat Berstau and PH. That is the answer.

    Posted 4 years ago by Ricky Vatsaloo · Reply

  • Is it because the agenda is not politically correct?

    Posted 4 years ago by Léon Moch · Reply