Poll shows only 24% of people think Pakatan government viable

Ragananthini Vethasalam

EIGHTEEN months after a change of government, majority of Malaysians polled in a recent survey felt Pakatan Harapan was not up to mark and were unsure if the country was on the right track.

The survey: The Pulse From the Ground: Voices & Expectations of the Rakyat on Current Socio-economic Issues was conducted by Emir Research from September 5 to October 10 and polled 1,992 respondents.

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  • Its a wash up right now. DAP has been transformed like a lap licking puppy like MCA and so has the rest of the components. The future looks bleak for a non politician like me.

    Posted 3 years ago by Alex Lim

  • When the thieving has been cut down or stopped, the country can be saved. If not, Najib will sure bankrupt the country

    Posted 3 years ago by Penganalisa L

  • All arrows point towards a 94 year old who has practically destroyed this nation.. then and now

    Posted 3 years ago by Francis Anthony

  • Why? answer is very simple. UMNO was thrown out into the dustbin, together with MIC, MCA simply because we had 60 years of undevelopment and corruption. UMNO was in charge of the bank account. Millions of Malays wanted change, together with Non-Malay breathern. They realized that this Malay supremacy nonsense was a farce because , like Animal Farm, the elite Malays took over, pushing other Malays down-the latter were not "malay enough". Worse still the arrival of DR M, whose style of governance is dictatorial reared its ugly head-he began to revive this Malay nationalism, pushed the narrative-that Non-Malays were de facto non-citizens, 2nd class and put all his cronies in. Look at the Ministry of Economy-$300,000 holidays with family. Where did the money come from. Mind you this is not an UMNO member-but PH. Then the Minister of Education-Nepalis want to learn BM so they can be servants in Malaysia? What crackpot idea is that?? Then black shoes for students-this guy is a dope! What is the priority in education mate? Who picked this DONKEY? Flying cars, when we need more doctors in Malaysia, the state of medical care is 3rd world, I can go on and on. This is what the man on the street is frustrated. This was not the legitimate expectation of the voter. What a shame. No wonder the polls are falling.

    Posted 3 years ago by Purnama Belachan

  • I think PH is behaving 50% like BN now because the wrong things committed by BN remain unchanged by PH. People want reformasi proposed by Pakatan Rakyat and it is therefore a good reason for people to begin supporting DSAI as our new PM. This should happen asap.

    Posted 3 years ago by Tanahair Ku

  • PH is well on its way to be BN 2.0, If has not already arrived there. How did we even get to this place? Anyway, I no longer think PH is a viable alternative; we need a credible third force.

    Posted 3 years ago by Rock Hensem

  • You PH knows only how to talk and find people's fault. Blame it on BN for your own failures. Come on lah! You people simply say things to gwtbin power. Now we suffer worse than ever. NO WAY you going to get our votes again. Now we are starting to think if Najib gov really did what you made us believed he has done. Detailed court transcripts are saying otherwise. I REGRET supporting you people.

    Posted 3 years ago by Khai Ryzal

    • Ha ha...the court says the THIEF stole..you sre smoking grass?

      Posted 3 years ago by Lipdah Lia