3-cornered fights 'not a PAS tradition'

Sharon Tan

Selangor PAS commissioner Sallehen Mukhyi giving a speech at the state PAS election machinery's fundraising high tea in Shah Alam today. He says the Islamist party will contest in 42 seats in Selangor in the next general election. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, October 15, 2017.

THREE-CORNERED fights are not a PAS tradition, but one started by others, said Selangor PAS commissioner Sallehen Mukhyi.

He said the Islamist party had always focused on straight fights in elections.

“We never started the tradition of three-cornered fights. Somebody else did.”

In his speech at the state PAS election machinery’s fundraising high tea in Shah Alam today, Sallehen said those who had left PAS and formed a new party had said 80% of PAS members would follow suit, but only 1% of Malays supported the breakaway party.

He said this had caused other parties in the coalition to worry.

He said PAS would contest in 42 seats in Selangor in the next general election.

Sallehen asked members not to be taken in by reports that PAS was comfortable in facing three-cornered fights, saying such reports were merely “entertainment”.

“Our job is to convince the people of Selangor that we can manage the state well.”

He said those who liked to disturb the stability of the state’s politics were still in power.

In Selangor, we have no choice if the people choose Pakatan Harapan, which is more like Pakatan DAP. If they win, there will be no stability in politics. We have experienced it.

He added that there were still those who were actively using the same modus operandi, which was to accuse and slander with the intention to bring down a leader.

He said if such people came into power, the people in the state would experience political instability.

Probably, there would be a change in menteri besar every month. Or maybe, twice a year there will be a by-election for a state seat, not because of a death, but because of resignation.

“If it’s given to Barisan Nasional, we will go back to (the way things were) before.”

Sallehen said he was worried that if Selangor went to Umno-BN, the state secretariat building would be a place to sell fish, break beer bottles or send coffins.

In his opening speech, he took a swipe at allegations that PAS had received RM90 million.

“If it was true that we received the money, we wouldn’t have to organise this fundraising high tea today.”

The fundraiser, involving 40 tables, saw RM100,000 collected, while several items, including photos of the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, were auctioned off.

On the turnout at the Love Malaysia, End Kleptocracy rally yesterday, Sallehen said he did not know why PH did not achieve the targeted turnout despite the event being held in a state that was “central” to the opposition and had good infrastructure, such as roads.

We did the Fastaqim 2.0 (last month), away from KL, where the access roads were not good. But, we didn’t have to pay our people to attend. We used social media to announce the event, and the turnout was extraordinary.

“Maybe, it is a sign of people’s acceptance of PAS (compared with) PH.”

He said since PH’s rally was organised with four parties, there should have been more attendees.

“If PAS, which is one party, could have a turnout of 200,000 people, then the PH rally last night should have had a million people, or at least 500,000.

“Maybe, that is an early indicator of people’s support for PH.”

The rally yesterday at Padang Timur saw fewer than 10,000 attend. – October 15, 2017.

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  • Hudud in a Kleptocracy is much worst. It's Nazi Germany, Communist statism. It's total collapse. It's a disaster and make no sense it can be Halal or Syariah.

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