Maszlee’s appointment ‘political suicide’ for Pakatan, says petition

Mikha Chan

An online petition calling for Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik to be replaced says he is a newbie in politics with little to no experience in any administrative position. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, May 19, 2019.

A PETITION calling for Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik to be replaced described his appointment to the key ministry as “political suicide” for Pakatan Harapan.

The petition said Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s popularity has taken a hit due to his failure to listen to the people’s complaints on Maszlee’s “nonsensical policies”.

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  • Give him time lah....even tanam pisang kena tunggu tunggu process dia. ..keluar jantung one is perfect. Whats wrong with kasut hitam? What so good with kasut putih? Both ada con and pro....!

    Posted 1 year ago by Abdul Murad Othman

    • One whole year and he is no better than a carrot. Enough time is given. Tun M must change the Minister now. Our childrens future is in his hands, we want him out now!

      Posted 1 year ago by Elyse Gim

  • Come the next GE the people will know the choice of Stay or Change.

    Posted 1 year ago by Danial Abdullah

  • Tun thought Islamic credentials will help. He is obviously wrong. Confucianism should be the way to go if he wants a society that is humane as well as progressive at the same time.

    Progressiveness is deficient in almost all religions.

    Posted 1 year ago by Tanahair Ku

  • Maszlee made too many stupid mistakes.. instead of learning and asking advise from senior ministers, like what Muhyiddin Yasin advised... Maszlee is stubborn and egotistic. He makes decisions from his heart.. he made too many mistakes. This just goes to show that he does not have the qualities and capabilities of a minister..
    Further, his ego is preventing and making him adamant not to listen to ppls advise and sentiments..
    He is like...I know everything.. People need not tell me what to do!! I know what is good for the people and students.. This kind of minister who does not listen to the people in the ground and makes his own decision cannot survive.
    Dr M please la, replace this clown before you lose all your PH supporters..

    Posted 1 year ago by Kampung Boy

  • We need to get rid of this incompetent buffoon asap to prevent him from further damaging our children's and Country's future.

    Posted 1 year ago by Yoon Kok

  • the Archie Bunker of Malaysia....a bigot..

    Posted 1 year ago by The Lone Ranger ...