Detractors will thank me one day, says minister in face of continued criticism

Nabihah Hamid Andrew Chin Ragananthini Vethasalam

Education Minister Maszlee Malik says it is his duty to ensure that criticism does not distract him from the government’s goal of advancing the country through education. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Kamal Ariffin, May 12, 2019.

ONE year and many landmark education policies later, Education Minister Maszlee Malik said he is finding it hard to understand why he continues to be derided for some of his earlier decisions regarding the colour of school shoes and socks.

Months after taking over the education portfolio last year, Maszlee had announced plans to switch the colour of students’ socks and shoes from white to black, earning criticism for supposedly focusing on superficial aspects of the education system.

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  • Maszlee must be removed together with his sidekick the PTPTN Chairman, Saiful. Both are not only green horns but come up with the most stupidest ideas.. they dont deserve the positions they hold and must be removed immediately

    Posted 1 year ago by Kampung Boy

  • You insisted insisted on appointing yourself and remaining president of IIUM until you were told by PM to stand down. Is that how you lend your ears not infallible one?

    Posted 1 year ago by Scm wong

  • Sure, some of those detractors are from BN. They will certainly thank you for the blunders that you made. Because of those blunders people will vote BN back. You have really made Ahmad Maslan look like a genius!

    Posted 1 year ago by No Gostan

  • Stop praising yourself remember you are to serve the people understood to say people will thank you show how arrogant you are u are the same with any human in Malaysia nothing special of u. So stop your Arrogant /Sombong.

    Posted 1 year ago by Danial Abdullah

  • Not for a moment will I thank you now and forever. You are a disgrace of a Education Minister. You have not fixed a broken system in any way, and may have made it worse. Please resign in shame immediately. BTW I am not an opposition supporter or cybertrooper. It is just that I see you not doing anything substantial to help our future generations. Shame!

    Posted 1 year ago by Yoon Kok

  • Dear Mazlee,

    Please do not shy away from the BIG policy agendas i.e. increasing proficiency levels in the English language, rigorous and comprehensive teacher training, improved early learning, minimal 'religious' classes, new funding initiatives for improved resources so we get more ILP for kids, better teacher student ratios, merit based opportunities, relevant vocational training, and the list can go on.

    Please plan for the next generation, not the next election.

    Be BOLD! Use latest data based research to JUSTIFY changes. Stop pandering to the religious right wing bigots. Have some conviction and gumption. The people will accept research based data. You just have to copy and paste the success stories of the world. Not that hard. You need political will. Otherwise please resign.

    Back to English, Tun Razak screwed a whole generation. Please don't screw another. Without English, we'll forever be on the back foot.

    Without English, innovation and new methods of learning, we're disadvantaged. Come on Mazlee, let's get real here. Less rhetoric and patting your own back. Just get on with the job.

    Posted 1 year ago by C D