PAS leaders knew Rameli was settling Hadi’s suit, says source

Noor Azam Shairi

Several quarters have accused Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd chairman Rameli Musa of intervening in the PAS president’s London court case on behalf of Pakatan Harapan leaders. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, March 30, 2019.

SENIOR PAS leaders did not only know that Rameli Musa was footing the bill for party president Abdul Hadi Awang’s out-of-court settlement with Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, they had also agreed to pay Rameli back.

A PAS source told The Malaysian Insight at least five senior PAS leaders knew of the RM1.4 million payment from Rameli to Rewcastle-Brown.

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  • Pas Pis Pus Taliban lebai will have to think of another shariah compliant lie to cover their @$$.

    Posted 4 years ago by Chee yee ng

  • Rameli is a generous person he have 1.4 million to pay Clare to settle the legal case. Wow ! He must have loved PAS very much and surely must be a closeted member. Tun M why was this man appointed to head KTMB ? You dont have any worthy PH candidate to take that post that you need this PAS supporter ?

    Posted 4 years ago by John Fam

  • For how much longer will PAS play this hide-and-seek or throw the stone and hide your hand game with the innocent Muslims, who find it very difficult to believe that Muslims leaders too can lie in this way. Shame on you because when the truth emerges,the whole matter looks very ugly and disgusting.

    Posted 4 years ago by Citizen Pencen

  • Of course the PAS leaders know and Hadi knows and gave the green light. Otherwise, how can Rameli can have the authority to meet and discuss with Clare's lawyer?

    Posted 4 years ago by SY L