Roughing up anti-Najib protester a ‘small matter’, says Umno’s Lokman

Alfian Z.M. Tahir

Supporters of former prime minister Najib Razak roughing up a protester outside an event at Universiti Malaya today. Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Noor Adam (right) says he was trying to break up the commotion. – The Malaysian Insight pic, March 22, 2019.

UMNO Supreme Council Member Lokman Noor Adam has defended the way a group of Najib Razak supporters manhandled a student protester this afternoon.

He said the students, who were protesting against Najib near where the former prime minister was holding a meet-and-greet session outside Universiti Malaya, had at first been politely told to move away.

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  • Lobak you dengan papagomo sama jer. Besok PDRM akan cari you .

    Posted 2 years ago by John Fam

  • This is the same lobak who stood in the by election and lost! What a loser!

    Posted 2 years ago by Kampung Boy

  • Just stop the clown from giving any more cheramah, he is causing too much unrest!

    Posted 2 years ago by Kampung Boy

  • If it was the other way around, will it be also a small matter? The fact that Lokman is not in jail and is walking around provoking civil unrest and public commotion is a sad indictment of our police and security agencies. The authorities namely PDRM and AGC should do their duty to the public and prevent hoodlums like Lokman from disturbing the peace. Is that too much to ask of the authorities? What were the policemen present at the site of the commotion doing? Not playing the spectator, we hope.

    Posted 2 years ago by Panchen Low

    • Sadly to say,all the anticipation of PH government in being firm and just are just fooling ourselves. They are just paper tiger and that is why

      Posted 2 years ago by Lee Lee

  • Report the matter to the police and let the police take appropriate action against Lokman. He should be charged for man handling the student and charged

    Posted 2 years ago by Kampung Boy

  • The police have to take action against those responsible as it was a peaceful protest without any provocation. To manhandle someone surely cannot be tolerated. The scumbags and hooligans are getting braver if no action is taken against them and this is not acceptable. Anyone can protest within the limits of the law but not to take things in their own hands. The rakyat is waiting for what action will be taken against the perpetrators

    Posted 2 years ago by Justin Leno

  • UMNO is full of retards. Such behaviour in a university add another nail in the coffin.

    Someone make a police report and get these goons in jail.

    Mana IGP??

    Posted 2 years ago by Kenneth Tan

  • These are not mat rempit that you can buy support. These college students. Thank God. Now he knows the depth of his support and support for the moronic #bossku

    Posted 2 years ago by Mo Salleh