Nothing frozen or seized by MACC, says PAS

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan says he has taken screenshots of the 'baseless' stories published by news portals earlier today. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, February 28, 2019.

PAS today denied that the bank accounts of several of its leaders had been frozen, or that luxury vehicles, properties and cash was seized by the authorities in relation to investigations into claims that the party received RM90 million from Umno.

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan told Berita Harian that reports by several news portals earlier this afternoon were “baseless”.

He said the news portals should check their stories, and threatened to sue.

“I just contacted the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. What was reported by the portals about the seizures, which were said to be related to the investigation on PAS, is not true.

“I ask the portals to check their articles, failing which, we will take legal action. I have taken screenshots of the stories,” the Malay daily reported him as saying.

Takiyuddin said publishing the reports was unprofessional of the portals.

Earlier today, Takiyuddin was questioned by the MACC for more than four hours at its Putrajaya headquarters. The Kota Baru MP said he was questioned over his luxury cars and motorcycles.

Several news portals then reported that RM2.3 million in PAS leaders’ bank accounts had been frozen by the graftbusters as part of its probe.

Quoting sources, they reported the MACC also seized cash, a shophouse worth RM2 million and luxury vehicles, such as a Toyota Vellfire, Range Rover and Mini Cooper. – February 28, 2019.

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  • It is fair to assume that the PAS sec-gen is lying as usual since their top leaders have stated that lying is shariah compliant when defending the honour of PAS. From now on, any statements coming from PAS is to be doubted and questioned in the absence of verification since lying has now become the culture of the party.

    Posted 5 years ago by Panchen Low · Reply