Sarawak rep slams TalentCorp for failing to honour advertised promises

Desmond Davidson

Sarawak assemblyman Ding Kuong Hiing has accused TalentCorp of failing to honour its advertised promises to grant PR status to the foreign spouses and foreign-born children of Malaysians who return to serve the country. – Facebook pic, November 23, 2023.

A SARAWAK assemblyman has accused TalentCorp of duping a local medical specialist on its promise to grant his foreign wife and foreign-born children permanent resident (PR) status if he signed up for its returning expert programme.

Ding Kuong Hiing told the state assembly the specialist had returned and had served in the government and private sectors but after more than 15 years, his wife was still denied PR status.

Ding said she was only given the yearly pass as he called on the state government to have 100% autonomy on immigration.

“It is clearly stated one of the benefits under the programme is: “foreign spouse and children will be eligible for PR status, subject to approval and at the discretion of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.”

Describing the case as “a typical case of gross injustice”, Ding told the assembly that the state government had approved her application for PR status, but the Home Ministry rejected the application without stating any reason for its refusal.

He said she was asked to start her application all over again, including the step of seeking approval from the Sarawak government.

Ding also lumped in this case with those of many Sarawak children who are waiting for the Home Ministry’s decisions on the outcome of their citizenship applications.

“Very often they have to wait for years for an answer from the ministry,” he said as he called on the state government to “find more appropriate ways to address these issues”.

“Of course, full immigration autonomy will be the most appropriate way to go about it,” he added. – November 23, 2023. 

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  • Precisely why we have not returned. The government says one thing and the civil servants do not follow their wishes. The sole aim is create a Muslim majority by denying non-Muslims citizenship status or rights to residency.

    Posted 6 months ago by Malaysia New hope · Reply