Young, educated and jobless – sisters turn to domestic work

Yasmin Ramlan

Maid agency Maideasy trains the cleaners in cleaning techniques, communication skills and how to manage customers. – Maideasy pic, August 3, 2017.

WHEN Siti Nursyazalina Zailani graduated as a materials engineer, she tried for several months to secure a job.

After several rejected job applications, she decided not to wait any longer and took up a job as a domestic cleaner with cleaning agency Maideasy, in order to help her single mother cope with the rising cost of living.

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  • So long as it is honest work, why worry about stigma? We should rely less on foreign labour as much as we can and keep jobs for locals who are willing to work.

    Posted 5 years ago by Keng Yew Choong

  • It is heartening to read of people who are willing to work even if the job is not what they expected when they finished their formal education. We need to take pride in all the work we do, no matter the type of work, so long as it is honest work. The sisters ought to be very proud of themselves. I would be if I were their family and friends.

    Posted 5 years ago by Sue Khoon Ang

  • Siti Nursyazalina,

    I welcome you to the real world where nobody owes you a living.

    I know a Malaysian lawyer who was cleaning toilets overseas for a few years. Today, she is quite wealthy.

    I know of a Malaysian engineer who was a doorkeeper/bouncer at an illegal Chinatown casino in London for a while. Today he is very wealthy as well.

    I know of a Malaysian accountant who stacked shelves in supermarkets in Australia for a few years. Today, he is living comfortably.

    There are many such success stories overseas and it is good to see you doing the same - albeit in Malaysia.

    Good luck and my best wishes.

    And oh, don't forget to vote for Pakatan in GE14 :)

    Posted 5 years ago by Musa Ng

    • Only in overseas-lah. In Malaysia, can or not?

      Posted 5 years ago by Malaysian First

  • While we can applaud the resourcefulness of these young jobseekers, one must also remember that not a few people who had predicted this would happen to our graduates, one day. It is one thing to be working jobs of such nature to pay your way through college/uni, but it's an entirely different thing when the system could not absorb you once you have graduated.

    Posted 5 years ago by Rock Hensem

    • I predicted this will happen a long time ago. Soon some will work the same kind of job in Singapore because of the higher exchange rate ....... which rebutted the lies Utusan spewed that Malaysian Malays are better off than Singapore Malays.

      Posted 5 years ago by Malaysian First

    • .... a result of our ancestors and peers continually voting BN ......

      Posted 5 years ago by Malaysian First