Walk away if you love Umno, Nazri tells Najib

Melati A. Jalil

Nazri Abdul Aziz says as long as there is no dissociation between the corruption charges against Najib Razak and Umno, the party will be affected. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Hasnoor Hussain, August 14, 2018.

FORMER Umno president Najib Razak should dissociate himself from the party, said his long-time lieutenant, Nazri Abdul Aziz, citing the former’s corruption charges that could taint the party’s image. 

The Padang Rengas MP said if the former prime minister kept his distance from Umno, it would also allow party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to lead the party fully. 

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  • Umno's deplorable sins are very much in vogue as the Pakatan govt continues with the reformist agenda..

    Posted 3 years ago by MELVILLE JAYATHISSA

  • In all honesty will it help if Najib were to call it quit from Umno?????. Speak to anyone in the street especially the Malays who have now a wide variety of choices , Umno is just a party for pariahs of untouchables. The unforgivable sins and the absolute disdain are too strong a sentiments nurtured deeply in every rakyat towards anything related to Umno except for their hardcore and all those sitting in the fence who are still in a denial mode hoping that there will be a miracles for a comeback. Najib is the cause but not the main cause as all Umno members are to blame in their partake of slicing cuts after thousand of slicing cuts to create the fall of Umno. Malaysia political land scape has changed and sadly by misgiving Umno with all their washed out same old same old incompetent leaders is only able to steer the party but will not be able to chart the course for a new found heights. It is just trucking slowly along to a journey of demise.

    Posted 3 years ago by Lee Lee

  • Everyone in BN & Umno have already smeared themselves with shit. Its not easy to wash, with or without Najib

    Posted 3 years ago by A.Bakar Mohd

  • UMNO should have been deregistered

    Posted 3 years ago by K Pop

  • Its not only Jibby that has to go, the entire former MT members would also need to go as its made up of blind yes men. You donkeys would have set a motion of no confident then but you didnt cause of the pie you have already taken and to protect your own bloody bellies. Post May 9 it is so easy to spice up the blame game. Those who speak now are actually the ones without any principals. I am surprised that ROS didnt deregistered dumno as an illegal body.

    Posted 3 years ago by Teruna Kelana