Letter to CIA treacherous and treasonous, say ex-servicemen

Former prime minister Najib Razak has denied any knowledge of a letter to the CIA, seeking American support for his administration in the lead up to GE14. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 20, 2018.

A LETTER allegedly sent by the former Najib administration’s intelligence unit to the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is treacherous and treasonous, said Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (Patriot).

This is because the unit’s former director-general Hasanah Ab Hamid had asked the US to support the Najib administration in the event that the results of the 14th general election turned out to be close.

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  • Just sue on the letter?..

    Posted 2 years ago by MELVILLE JAYATHISSA

  • Hasanah will not have the courage to behave traitorously unless it is given and with full blessing from her mentor devil himself. She was in stiff competition to draw her boss attentions as most of the Umno banggang leaders and the political appointees will do nothing short to please the Boss and reaps the rewards without fear of prosecution in their heinous crime. Najib regime has ran the Governance of the country with compelling dastardly act of absurdities in ensuring their power is unchallenged. Najib forgot that he can propose but it is Almighty to dispose. It is unforgiveable for Najib in his dastardliness demeanour forgetting he was born and raised in this country. It leads back to Rakyat suspicions of his old man during Japanese occupation. The adage saying of like father like son may hold true to that extent. Najib has to be punished. All the while his cries and the influence on his party members that the non Malays in Malaysia are disloyal are now viewed from this act alone as a malicious means to create mayhem and sell the country without a care for any one in Malaysia save for his families. All his crimes and corruptible practises and may others yet to be unearthed felonies are just too heavy to be pardoned or serving a life sentence. A criminal is a criminal but when a criminal becomes a traitor he has gone beyond the boundaries and lost all whatever iota of humanity and humility in his body. He has sold his soul. Unforgivable.!!!! The country leaders and rakyat has to make a decison on his fate. He has to face capital punishment and nothing short of public execution by hanging!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 2 years ago by Lee Lee

    • No hanging please. This is 2018. By the rule of law, appropriate punishment will be metted out. The only problem is it's just too slow and the culprits are still roaming free. There's no more 40 thieves as it has expanded to 100 thieves or even more. Tun has said corruption in the civil service is so deep that it takes time to weed them all out.

      Posted 2 years ago by Ryan Li

    • If scum like him is allow to survive it makes a mockery of the country constitution. Imagine if he is still in the government you would not be that open hearted and mind to easily allow this type of vermins to keep on wrecking havoc to Rakyat and country. Wanbees are plentiful and a hard dreadful examples has to be shown. Sometime we have to be cruel to be kind and unforgiving to be benevolent and magnanimous..

      Posted 2 years ago by Lee Lee

  • Will somebody lodge a report against the woman Hasanah already then! Start the ball rolling and call the media to air it. Thank you.

    Posted 2 years ago by Ryan Li

  • Why did director-general Datuk Hasanah binti Abdul Hamid have to involve CIA from another country to interfere in our election? Could our Home Ministry please locate her to answer for the letter she purportedly wrote to Gina Haspel? If Malaysia is a sovereign nation, what she was paid to do is nothing short of treason.

    Posted 2 years ago by Roger 5201