Election shock leaves Umno news portals‎ scrambling

Radzi Razak

News portals such as AgendaDaily, which rely on funding from Umno to carry out their cyber activities, have been hard hit by the party's loss in GE14. – The Malaysian Insight, June 18, 2018

FOLLOWING Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN)’s defeat in the 14 general election (GE14), some news portals that were tied to the party have shut down while those still operating have shed staff in order to survive.   

These online outfits had received funds directly from Umno’s news media unit or the Special Affairs Department (JASA) that was under the Prime Minister’s Department.

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  • No matter what Umno is history. During the early days when MI was incepted I have already written some of pieces that GE14 is for UmnoBn to fall and very much due to the severe changing of sentiments especially the rural folks. Now itself at this juncture Umno party members are deserting the party and streaming in to the PH parties to survive and lick their wounds hoping for some comforts. Umno name itself stinks!!!!!!!!!!! Many non Umnos are hoping that Umno will come back strong and clean with effective and constructive opposition role as a check and balance will be dismayed. Even with old or young leaders taking the helm it is almost impossible to reform as the disease is too deep in their cuture of corruption , being racist at their whims and fancies and hard core bigots when the religion comes a calling. Majority of the rakyat as a whole have really despised Umno and even within themselves in Umno there are heavy sceptism of the party ability to change and recuperate from the losses in GE14. Obviously all the Umno paid cyber troopers or permanent bloggers and journalist are also part of the factors that contribute to this malaise. With having an easy meal tickets during Umno regime as Government, these licenced mercenaries writer are actually scum and a bane to unity effort and have morphed into a free will writing of atrocity with out a care if the country goes to the dog as long as they are paid.. It is acceptable and too deeply entrenched in them as their skill set in writing and jounalism are of pedestrian mind set where it does not reqire any demanding ehtics in them just to spin and character soiling, not to write good reading piece but less writing but full of absurdities and profanities , no truth but lies, forget about peace but mayhem and chaotic condition are the intensifed to lock in the continuation of governance by their master . All done without any professionalism not even see traces of practises in humnaity or even an iota of humility in them. PH should start charging them with sedition on their going overboard with their evil and malicious intent. It is easy to pick them up they are already identified and reined them in to be placed under control environment. This will help to promote and inculcate a high degree of journalism and truth seekers bloggers to move the country politicians to be very vary of their actions or be damned by truth.!!!!!!!!!!! It should not be viewed as curbing freedom of speeches or writing in the guise of truth but ensuring professionlism and truthful representations are withinh the rules of law to curb fake news and build up harmony in the country. Umno style of "cyber war faring writing smith" should be thoroughly demolished and reintroduce well educated and trained journalist writers

    Posted 3 years ago by Lee Lee