It wasn’t just the Chinese who rejected MCA at GE14, says Wee

Bede Hong Liow Sze Xian

IT wasn’t just the Chinese who rejected MCA, it was a wholesale revolt by voters against Barisan Nasional across communities nationwide, said party deputy president Wee Ka Siong.  

Commenting on the party’s future following its trouncing at the May 9 general election, Wee spoke of the grim future confronting the Chinese BN component party.

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  • So MCA has decided to be "effective opposition"?? Can eunuchs, albeit political, change to be full normal men? MCA has always been a "towkay" party - the problem is everyone wanted to be towkay even the lowliest and unqualified of them all..Their ideology really is abitrage opportunities for themselves while doing something for their constituency. They are political opportunist and capitalist. Now they want to be what? political and capital socialist? They have to ask the basic question what is the purpose of capital, wealth and material gain first. What do they believe capital, wealth, material gain can really do and should do?

    Posted 4 years ago by Bigjoe Lam

  • The rakyat can spot a true leader during tough n difficult times. It was obvious you are not the one. When it matters most, you will not stake your position n interest for the rakyat but you wanted to save our own interest first. You did not voice out against the 1MDB to the extent of resigning in protest for the sake of the rakyat. You loved your position more in spite the fact that 1MDB which is bleeding the nation n her future generation, n Umno wasn't listening to you as you claimed. So, no need to talk anymore. The rakyat don't need you

    Posted 4 years ago by Peace Maker