Eusoffe Abdoolcader - legendary judge, loving husband, great friend

Looi Sue-Chern

An undated photograph of Dr Eusoffe Abdoolcader from a now-defunct magazine. Eusoffe is remembered as one of the greatest judges Malaysia has ever seen. – The Malaysian Insight pic, March 25, 2018.

THE late Dr Eusoffe Abdoolcader, one of five senior judges suspended during the 1988 judicial crisis, was a respected lawyer and Supreme Court judge, remembered by his peers and juniors as perhaps the greatest judge Malaysia had seen. 

Penang Bar Committee chairman T. Tharumarajah described him as an encyclopaedia, a man with the law at his fingertips and a daunting judge to appear before, sharp and strict.

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  • This is not the first time i have a heard of Judge Abdoolcader - another judge i knew a long time ago spoke of him in passing, and it seems i have remembered his name since. I remember the tale of his unconventional love and eventual suicide, and it struck me then as it strikes me now of the singularity of his personality. I am not aware of his legal prowess, but it doesn't surprise me at all that he was one 1 of the 5 officials of the court that came out of the 1988 judicial crisis with their integrity unscathed. Neither his suicide nor his decision to accept his reinstatement to his former post seems to have marred my opinion of him. Whatever trials and tribulations that he must have endured in coming to these decisions, is something that i do not feel fit to judge, in deference to my belief in the integrity of his character. I suppose i simply take joy in knowing that such a man existed and that too in malaysia. The knowledge that it is possible for such individuals to exist in malaysia and that too not too long ago, gladdens me. I will buy the book the next time i see it .

    Posted 3 years ago by Nehru Sathiamoorthy

    • Thank you Nehru. Though many know of his love for his wife, his immense contributions to the law and the Commonwealth are all but forgotten. Some have said that he is "perhaps the greatest judge the world has seen" and is often compared to Lord Denning. We hope the world will read this book and be inspired by his unwavering commitment to justice, fairness and the rule of law. It is available at Kinokuniya KLCC or online at

      Posted 3 years ago by Akasaa Publishing