Why political education matters

Lim Chee Han

All segments of society need political education to develop rational, informed voters. – EPA pic, April 24, 2023.

WHEN asked about the need for political education for young people in a recent interview with a school magazine, I said while it is important to target youth, it’s not as if adults in other age groups are fine and don’t need further education.

With the voting age lowered to 18 in 2020 and automatic voter registration introduced in 2022, teenagers are being courted by all political parties as a key demographic on the election campaign trail.

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  • It is time GEOGRAPHY is made a compulsory subject for SPM. Geography as a subject can deal with everything about mother earth. You have History, Maths, Politics, Climate, Land form studies, Politics and so many other subjects as part of geography. Even our FELDA schemes were a very important part of the subject matter of the University of London external degree I had to study. It has now became a very important of part of my daily life in retirement. It is such an important subject to understand life on earth.

    Posted 5 months ago by Citizen Pencen