Herr Paludan, I wish you well…

HERR Rasmus Paludan, whatever you are doing now, may God bless you.

The Quran is the sacred word of God to Muslims. Its verses have remained intact since its revelation in the 7th century. 

It is deeply offensive to be disrespectful of it.

Be that as it may, you are still a young politician. Many countries have aspiring politicians like you. You have a bright future and do make full use of it intelligently. Congratulations on being granted Swedish citizenship in 2020 and sorry about your bicycling accident that led to you needing brain surgery.

You are not alone in your Islamophobia, racism and discrimination in the Europe and US. You have planned and carried out a few Quran-burning rallies but the turnouts were surprisingly small. They were unnecessary and caused damage and unrest.

As I understand it, human rights are protected in Sweden. Power should be exercised with respect for equality and freedom.

I pray the fires you started or are planning to start will not spread like wildfire. Are they to provoke or incite anger at Muslims or to score brownie points with your voters? 

Does conflict produce winners and losers or just survivors? There are many extremists and lunatics in history. Conflict is prevented and ended through compromise. We are human, and humans make mistakes. 

George Bernard Shaw called the Prophet the “Saviour of humanity”. 

“I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much-needed peace and happiness,” Shaw said.

One day you could become the prime minister of Sweden and reflect on what happened in 2023 and what could be different if you had done things things differently. 

I hope Sweden will be in the forefront for peace in Europe and show compassion as diplomat Raoul Wallenberg did by saving tens of thousands of Jews from the Holocaust.

“Create inclusion – with simple mindfulness that others might have a different reality from your own.” – Patti Digh

And I wish you well. – January 25, 2023.

* Saleh Mohammed reads The Malaysian Insight.

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