No political appointments, Anwar’s govt told

Noel Achariam

Bersih chairman Thomas Fann says the appointment of chiefs of government-linked companies and statutory bodies is not a reward system for political loyalists. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, December 19, 2022.

ANTI-graft activists are calling on the government to appoint qualified people to helm government-linked corporations (GLCs) and agencies instead of political appointees.

They said the cabinet’s decision to terminate political appointees must be abided by all ministers.

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  • I think Bersih should tone down on telling the govt how to govern because all these pressures from various parties could create an air of discontent finally that could contribute to bringing down the govt. I think the PMand his cabinet should be given space, time and latitude to solve the problems facing the country as well as maintain stability of the government. Some politicians who are truly capapble can be appointment but not just as a reward for support but so that the GLC can be run by the right people, irrespective of whether they are politicians or not. Of course Bersih means well and their demands are often very reasonable. But so are the other demands from the other parties. Don't expect a dream team, and don't expect all changes to come overnight

    Posted 3 months ago by Brave Malaysian