Giving the mandate back to the people?

SINCE when has Umno and the coalition it leads ever respected the mandate of the people?

The majority of the people gave the mandate to Pakatan Harapan in 2018.

If that decision was respected and adhered to by all, PH would have governed the country until mid-2023.

If Bersatu and all other parties presently in the loose coalition governing the country had respected the wishes of the rakyat, they would have remained in opposition until the next general election.

Instead, all the parties making up the governing coalition stole the mandate given by the people in 2018.

Even during the few days in February 2020, when all these parties conspired to steal this mandate, none of them said they would respect the wishes of the people.

All proceeded to hold hands and joyfully agreed to form a government, despite the vociferous objections of the people.

The rakyat and civil society groups across the nation screamed and shouted for the people’s wishes and mandate to be respected, failing which it should be returned to the people for the people to decide.

No. None of you heard those screams. All of you go about carrying out your treacherous tasks in earnest, drowning out the rakyat’s screams at will.

All of you are the cause of – and are equally responsible for – the pain that the rakyat and the country is going through presently.

In the subsequent power struggle that resulted in the traitor to the rakyat’s wishes being dislodged from his position, again we screamed and shouted for the mandate to be returned to the rakyat.

Again, all of you were busy scheming, ignoring the rakyat’s voice.

The same goes for Muhyiddin Yassin, who recently said that it was better for the prime minister to call for a general election if the country’s economy is not managed properly.

Given the damages wrought by years of mismanagement of the country’s finances, of which Muhyiddin and Umno were largely responsible, the situation is like a pot calling the kettle black.

The rakyat is well aware that all these calls for a general election is not to give them the mandate, but merely a continuation of a fight for power within the elites to determine which of them shall continue plundering and leading the nation down the garden path.

It was never about the rakyat.

It was always about their greed and fight for power by the elites to govern this country.

If the politicians were really sincere and do respect the wishes of the people, Malaysia would have ranked ahead of Singapore in many aspects, including possibly parity in the exchange rates between the two currencies and not as it is now.

Thus, the rakyat request that all politicians to stop justifying their selfish acts and greed.

In fact, the rakyat felt that the country would have been better off in every aspect if it was not governed by the same people that are now dominating the country’s political landscape.

To all the politicians, the rakyat wish to advise each of you to save your breath. – October 1, 2022.

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  • Mandate? There's no such holy words in's always UMNOs way or the highway. Now, they lost and lost face after 60 donkey years. What they did was expected but whom they dragged along with to gain or rather regain power were stupid enough to listen to their Malay narrative of Malay 1st BS. It's all about power and of course money. I'm sure these folks are scared too, to go into GE15 after all the betrayal and corruption stories which were to dish out if late. My question is, wr have a civil service who must be independent of whoever comes into power. Our civil service is weak and to a certain extent, corrupted. These needs to be changed....there's a famous saying these days....I'm paid to do nothing but can be bribed to do something....go figure out where these applies. As long as we have these mindset among the majority race, we will never progress, period.

    Posted 2 months ago by Crishan Veera · Reply

  • My conjecture .......

    During the PH administration, Mahathir/Bersatu was NO reformer and wanted the status quo to remain. The only difference was Bersatu hegemony replacing UMNO's. There was NO intention of handing power over to the PM-in-waiting. Here the plot thickens .....

    I believe in Zahid saying Mahathir/Bersatu wanted UMNO dissolved and members join Bersatu. If that happened, Bersatu, poor in assets and few in numbers, will suddenly be fabulous rich and the largest political party. Guess who would control the vast monetary empire which was once UMNO's? A maneuver Danny Ocean would be proud of.

    But Mahathir/Bersatu miscalculated. PH supporters decided to teach Mahathir/Bersatu a lesson for their blatant racism and extreme "ketuanan" outlook, resulting in ......"Tanjung Piai"

    Taken aback by the results, the UMNO's would-be "kataks" held an emergency supper meeting on a rainy and stormy night at the Chief "Katak"'s house and abandoned their plans and instead proceed with Plan B ... the "Sheraton Move".

    Can it possibly be true?

    Posted 2 months ago by Malaysian First · Reply