PAS ready to take on Umno in GE15, says party election director

Diyana Ibrahim

PAS election director Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor says PAS was oppressed by Umno for 60 years. – Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor Facebook pic, September 23, 2022.

PAS has never been afraid to clash with Umno in the coming general election, said its election director Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.

Sanusi, who is also Kedah chief minister, said PAS had previously wanted to continue their cooperation with Umno despite having differences, which is the unification of the ummah and the unity of Malay and Islamic parties.

Sanusi, however, said that cooperation between both parties is now quite impossible and PAS was ready to accept Umno’s challenge to fight.

“Umno says we cannot fight them head-on, but we have been fighting for 60 years.”

“We have only been friends for six days, but why does Umno want to attack us daily, by making statements that PAS is dead or the party is not right.”

“We sacrificed a lot in the past. History shows that PAS was oppressed by Umno for 60 years.”

“Barisan Nasional told us that some of our people died as martyrs in the Memali incident in Baling, we have erased all that.”

“But I say here that if you (Umno) want friends then its fine, but if you want to fight, then beware,” he said at the launch of the PAS GE15 machinery in front of thousands of supporters at the Kuala Nerus sports complex in Kuala Terengganu last night.

Sanusi also urged party members to get ready if the leadership makes a final decision to fight Umno in GE15.

Although PAS previously wanted to cooperate with Umno on the grounds that any clashes between them would give Pakatan Harapan the advantage, their request was rejected by Umno.

Umno announced that it would no longer continue negotiations with PAS and accused the Islamic party of being shallow in the Muafakat Nasional (MN) pact.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that stability, confidence and strong cooperation in MN could not be established due to PAS’ relationship with Bersatu who wanted to destroy Umno.

Sanusi said Umno had changed and became more greedy after the transition of power when the prime minister’s post was given to the party.

He said Umno’s attitude was different, not to mention that PAS had never taken government money solely for the benefit of the party.

“That is why, PAS as long as we were in government, did not take any money for our party.”

“Unlike Umno, if they want to enter the GE, they have to rob first. I know it’s happening now,” Sanusi added. – September 23, 2022.

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