Farmers hit by fake fertiliser scams

Khoo Gek San

Farmers say they are having to keep each other informed about fake fertilisers with little or no help available from the authorities. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, May 20, 2022.

WITH fertiliser prices on the increase recently, oil palm smallholder Paul Wong bought a cheap brand of fertiliser to save costs, only to find out that it was fake after testing it.

“My partner who got the lab test done told me I had bought a truckload of rubbish and wasted RM20,000,” Wong said, adding that there was no way to check the authenticity of the product at the time of purchase.

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  • Nature cannot be abused without consequences.The war has highlighted how our ways of living are unsustainable. 50 sacks a month? Thats truly shocking as it indicates the soil is barren. Natural fertilizers can be made from biomass waste. Intensive farming and monocultures are destroying the very earth.

    Posted 1 month ago by Malaysia New hope