How could Israeli envoys be let in country, ask civil groups

A man works on his laptop at the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur. Civil group Aman Palestine says the delegation from Israel should not have been allowed to attend as Malaysia does not have diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. – EPA pic, February 15, 2018.

CIVIL society groups have questioned Putrajaya’s decision to allow diplomats from Israel to enter the country and attend the World Urban Forum (WUF) which was held from February 7 until yesterday, reported Sinar Online.

According to the portal, Aman Palestine chief executive officer Awang Suffian Awang Piut said Putrajaya should not have allowed the Israelis in as it does not have diplomatic relationship with the Jewish state.

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  • Malaysia welcomes everyone but the people of israel
    most people of israel have dual citizensip
    they are here in malaysia
    i think malaysia is aligned with the saudi camp
    what if the saudis drop palestine like a hot potato
    is Malysia going to lift it
    lets get rational
    nobody really cares about malaysias position
    as we do not hold veto power

    Posted 3 years ago by Satkunabalan K Sabaratnam

  • Wisma Putra sleeping. Wake up and respond. Don't sweep all wrongdoings under the carpet!

    Posted 3 years ago by Anak Malaysia

  • Eat your heart out !!!!!!!!!! -- Aman palestine CEO Awang Suffian and Al-I'tisam CEO Mohd. Shah Sapiei. Get a grip of reality and live your life. All screaming and shouting are only for polical charade. Even Saudi Arabia your so called homeland champions of muslim world do not give two hoots to Palestinian issues and are now very good allies with Israel. Egypt , Jordan ,UAE ,Oman ,and many in the Middle east are changing stance and some of them have even invited Israel intelligence and military support to blast the radical muslim terrorist from the earth. So you think a tiny kecik mayung like Malaysia could shout threats and ignore Israel. Seem like loud and blurr useless actions which do not provide good returns for the Government of the day. Shut up and lie low in profile. Do not even bother to think and be very concern to the extend in relishing the good cause in resloving the Rohingyas concern too. We are just a small nations with lots of ills and miseries to weather the next economics slowdown. All the sandiwara is just a good ploy and excuses to bring in the ignorant and fool hardy to the rally for votes.

    Posted 3 years ago by Lee Lee