Make national schools gold standard in education

Ragananthini Vethasalam

A High Court judge has ruled that the 1,800 vernacular schools catering to 500,000 students nationwide are constitutional and legal. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, December 29, 2021.

PARENT-TEACHER associations have lauded the decision to dismiss a suit questioning the legality of vernacular schools in Malaysia, saying that focus should be on raising the standards of national schools instead of abolishing vernacular schools.

They dismissed claims that vernacular school students have poor command of Bahasa Malaysia, saying that many are proficient in the national language.

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  • Mampuslah anak anak kita

    Posted 7 months ago by Thomas Samuel

  • It's a very big slap on the face of the Education Ministry (and the government as a whole) that there are presently about 100,000 Malay children in the Chinese Schools, AND THE NUMBER IS INCREASING!

    So to save face, close down the vernacular schools so that there is no competition for the SK.

    Why did the SK's go down to such a shameful level? Why did even the excellent English Medium schools, mostly mission schools, also go down the drain after being converted to SRJK (Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan)?

    Involvement of teachers in politics! Teachers who were office bearers / strong supporters of the ruling party (UMNO) were rewarded with headships of schools. MERIT had no place in the promotions. Then religious teachers were put in schools and they started Islamising the schools. Children's discipline went to the dogs, and till today nothing is being done to restore it. To ensure Malay student spassed exams, passing marks were reduced. The school-culture of the 1950's and 60's broke down. Etc.

    Posted 7 months ago by Ravinder Singh