Budget 2022 does not reflect ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ values

WE, Malaysians, are very upset and frustrated by what we see on the draft budget for 2022. 

The Chinese community is allocated RM200 million, Orang Asli RM274 million, and Indians RM145 million but RM11.4 billion is set aside for the Bumiputera agenda. This is a totally irrational budget because of the massive disparity between funding for the various races of the country. 

I do not see the concept of the “Keluarga Malaysia” applied in the spending plan. The government led by Ismail Sabri Yaakob must realise that he is in the position he is now because of the reform MOU signed by the various political parties, including opposition. 

He should set a good example for all Malaysians and demonstrate the the real meaning of the “Malaysian Family” by giving equal opportunity and funding to all Malaysians regardless of race and religion. 

It is time for the leaders of Malaysia to take a vital role in drafting the budget to look into the merits and necessity of the allocations instead of basing the spending on race and religion. 

We claim Malaysia is a developing country yet many families in rural areas still suffer from lack of clean water, healthy food, proper education, a safe living environment, and other important issues.

Do not practise what Umno and Barisan Nasional practised for many years, which had failed to achieve the original Bumiputera agenda set out in the the New Economic Policy but which only allowed a small group of elites to benefit.

The prime minister and the cabinet must review the budget, the money for which comes from taxpayers and which must thus be fairly distributed among all Malaysians. – November 4, 2021.

* Papparaidu Veraman reads The Malaysian Insight.

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