What to make of #UndiRosak?

Gan Pei Ling

Host and model Daphne Iking has called on voters to choose the 'lesser evil' in the 14th general election. – Facebook pic, January 26, 2018.

THE #UndiRosak social media campaign, encouraging Malaysians to spoil their votes as a form of protest against both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan, is a hot topic on Twitter, where criticism of it appears to outweigh support.

Social media research outfit Politweet.org said interest in #UndiRosak among Malaysians was high based on tweets, and posted a map that showed the topic trending mostly on the peninsula’s west coast and central region.

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  • Those who think they can vote in other GE are making assumptions. If BN-PAS wins and join together, everything will change including insisting voting out BN-PAS is haram and against God.

    Posted 3 years ago by Bigjoe Lam

  • I'm with Fathia. #undiPH

    Posted 3 years ago by P H

  • Overall a bad idea because Hadi's PAS will say it's not against them and bargain for more power when joining with UMNO. Only saving grace is Najib is concern his party will say he did not win but Rakyat loses and force him to go. However, it's unlikely to happen and more likely Hadi's PAS will be closer to Putrajaya.

    Posted 3 years ago by Bigjoe Lam

  • Since about 3 months ago, there has been a concerted attempt by some previously anti-MDB people to "equalise" both sides. They tried to make Mahathir equally contemptible to Najib, and Pakatan equally abhorrent to BN. It's obviously just to confuse voters. There is no comparison lah. No PM has ever brought more shame to Malaysia than Najib, or has been so completely exposed as a Malaysian Official 1 with no accountability and for whom every inquiry is made an Official Secret and who has never sued anybody who calls him a thief. BN has ruled for 60 and they have come up with one Malaysia Plan after anotherand there have all failed miserably. After 60 years and 13 Gerrymandering Elections later, it's time to dump them. Enough is enough. Let all races unite like in times of old, let honesty rule. Hidup Mahathir!

    Posted 3 years ago by Ramli Taro