Judge ticks off Najib’s defence team for repetitive arguments

Hailey Chung Wee Kye

Judge Abdul Karim Abdul tells Najib Razak’s defence team to stop repeating facts and stick to points of law during arguments in the former prime minister’s SRC International appeal case. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Nazir Sufari, April 8, 2021.

NAJIB Razak’s defence team was today sternly warned by the Court of Appeal not to keep on repeating the same arguments in the former prime minister’s appeal against his conviction and sentencing in his SRC International corruption case.

“You are repeating again and again on the facts,” said judge Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil today, the fourth day of the appeal hearing.

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  • Basically, defence got nothing.

    Posted 1 week ago by Francis Anthony

    • Foot dragging tactic to last until the next UMNO friendly government is in office after the GE.

      Posted 1 week ago by Anwar Ismail

  • Every now and then Najis would made comments about the nation well being through his FB postings of course as a free person he is able to do so which to me is a stark contras when he was in the PM office where he avoided the press and comments about hot flash issues such as NFC, Sabah CM got caught with cash, Isa cases and of course on his famous 1MDBloody and I won't go to the C4 bid. He has always engaged people to do his work so much so he has never even carry his own luggage and now engaging lawyers who seems to run out of ideas. Najis I just want to see you comment of your own doing in your FB posting if you got guts and don't hide under the pretext it's still a court case where you don't want to interfere cause you had interfere with us Malaysians lives with the fact that such huge sum of tax payers monies in your private bank account. You are a disgrace to us Malaysians except to those people you had fed with the ill gotten money.

    Posted 1 week ago by Teruna Kelana