Want to beat corruption? Create more taxpayers, says ex-WTO chief

Bede Hong

French political consultant Pascal Lamy speaks during a forum organised by Ideas in Kuala Lumpur today. Pascal says creating more taxpayers can be a way of fighting corruption. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, January 4, 2018.

INCREASING the number of middle-class taxpayers is the surest way to tackle corruption in Malaysia, according to a former director-general of the World Trade Organisation. 

Pascal Lamy, who is a member of the advisory board of Transparency International, said a large population who pays taxes would result in more attention to corrupted practices. 

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  • Even babies are tax payers with Malaysian GST, but useless as long as there's teflon Bugis lanun.

    Posted 4 years ago by Kuasa Rakyat