Don’t interfere, let Anwar demonstrate his support

ALL of a sudden, the police are interested in investigating Anwar Ibrahim.

Of course, the police say that they are not under any pressure.

But then, why the sudden interest in Anwar?

Apparently, he is being investigated for having submitted a list of MPs to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, for sodomy, his comments on the presence of foreign workers and the number of gambling dens operating.

According to the police,  hundreds of police reports have been lodged against Anwar, but then, why wait until now to investigate him?

Is it because there are forces trying their best to prevent the ascension of Anwar to the post of prime minister?

As I have commented earlier, whether Anwar has submitted the list of MPs supporting him or not is really not the concern of the police.

Even if Anwar had submitted the names to the Agong, is it a crime of high order?

Anwar has denied the submission of the list, but at the same time, it not the concern of the police as what transpired is between Anwar and the Agong.

Surely, the police in the country have much to do in addressing and solving criminal activities – why bother with Anwar if he has not broken the law?

Hundreds of police reports have been made against Anwar and many other politicians.

I am not sure whether the police have investigated these reports thoroughly.

It is also agreed that many of the reports have no basis but are frivolous and politically motivated in nature.

Is it a coincidence that Anwar is being investigated for other matters after he sought an audience with the Agong to form the next government?

Why is the Malay conservative establishment trying its best to derail Anwar’s plans?

Isn’t Anwar entitled to become prime minister if he can demonstrate support from MPs?

The Perikatan Nasional coalition, with the rudderless Bersatu, is on the brink of collapse from dissatisfied forces from within and without.

As Pakatan Harapan was brought down through a sinister and diabolical backdoor initiative early this year, it is about time the gross wrong committed be rectified by none other than forces headed by Anwar.

Government agencies, such as the police, should remain professional and disengaged from the political process that is fast unfolding in the country.

It is simple: if Anwar cannot demonstrate support from the MPs, he cannot aspire to be the prime minister.

But for heavens sake, at least do not prevent him from demonstrating the support he has. – October 18, 2020.

* P. Ramasamy is Penang deputy chief minister II.

* This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight.

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