Don’t let DAP dupe you, Ku Li tells Malay youth

Alfian Z.M. Tahir

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says DAP is still the same DAP and its ideology is not much different with Singapore’s PAP. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, September 18, 2020.

MALAY youth eager to join DAP must be mindful not to be used by the party but instead work towards dominating the Chinese-based organisation, said Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

The Gua Musang MP also reminded the Malays in the party, especially federal lawmakers and assemblymen, to be careful against being used by the party to take over “Tanah Melayu”.

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  • Thought this guy is different. Bot no, just another umno politicians who blame the oppositions (DAP) on the damages umno leaders themselves inflicted on this country.

    Posted 2 months ago by Mohd Hatta Usul

  • Years of moderate 'image', keyword is image, as umno is umno is umno, destroyed in 1 interview.

    Posted 2 months ago by A Subscriber

  • Senility has finally overtaken his good senses. Incidentally, his wife is Chinese. (I knew her late brother very well). Ku Li is neither racist nor 'sinophobic'. A more mundane explanation for his rant is his mental state.

    Posted 2 months ago by Simple Sulaiman

    • or just pure politics.

      Posted 2 months ago by Sharizal Shaarani

  • Has this man become mad to speak like this? Something went wrong in his brain to speak like an illegitimate kampong man from the jungles of Gua Musang today when the world is moving towards advancement breaking race and religious barriers for peaceful living. Razaleigh will have to see a physiatrist failing which he will lose his memory and might even cause racial tensions due to his short memory by pitting one race to the other. I thought this guy was an intelligent man to take over the country at one time. With this sort of view and his stupid and idiotic vision might be very dangerous to the nation.

    MUDA of Syed may give him a dose of medicine to correct this aged man's vision of Malaysia before he perished out of this beautiful land of a multiracial society.

    Posted 2 months ago by Swaminaidu Venkatasamy

  • We have all by now learned from the langkah sheraton that none of the UMNO leaders whether former or current can be trusted.

    Posted 2 months ago by Anonymous 1234

  • Now..this is his true color. People have been scratching for years at this man to find out what it is. Mollycoddle the Malay, forget about meritocracy or being fair. Forget about the races who for 3 generations since independence have worked to progress this country, Forget about equality, its always them against us. Dominate beatdown, demand, pressure,,,this land belongs to one race, you are not part of the world. This man like just like others who are bigots ...truly bigots.

    Posted 2 months ago by Alphonz Jayaratnam

  • So disappointed this fella taught he was one of most fairer Malay political leader. Maybe he is now desperate and afraid of losing his shine and start to flash out the race cards to gain back support. Shock that he is so short sighted and perceived weak confidence on his own race to judge whether being used after 64 years of independence and New Economy Policy!

    Posted 2 months ago by Wei Kuan Tan

  • He is old...... showing his racism. Sore looser, lost in umno, so talking cock and bulk story.

    Posted 2 months ago by Thomas Samuel

  • Brits and PAP converted Singapore from a Malay land to what it is today. Where have the Malays gone. Europeans killed Red Indians by the millions. Where are they now. Down to earth eh? Brits nearly did same thing to Malaya. Do you remember Malayan Union? If you don't please refer. If you don't like the way this country is being ruled so much please leave. The world is so wide. After all it has always been your ambition to migrate to the west. Not ours. We'd rather live like the way we have been living rather than being in a country like Singapore.

    Posted 2 months ago by Zainuddin Yusoff

    • Go where? We're born here. Why are Malays leaving?
      This is not an Arab outpost

      Posted 2 months ago by Watch Dog

    • Why don't you go and learn basic English and understand what I wrote.

      Posted 2 months ago by Zainuddin Yusoff

    • You speak like Trump...I can't stop laughing

      Posted 2 months ago by Tanahair Ku


    Posted 2 months ago by Lucky Boy

  • Old hag talking rascist ways. What hv u done for the Malays??

    Posted 2 months ago by Besaman Mucho

    • political potshots aside, he's done much for the country not the just the malays. he helped set up petronas

      Posted 2 months ago by Sharizal Shaarani

    • Then why is Malaysia still a developing country? He should have set up a sovereign wealth fund like the Norwegians did. But no,BN wanted to spend all the money as fast as it was made. That is a major disservice to the people

      Posted 2 months ago by Malaysia New hope

  • No need to dominate. Its working together for Malaysia.

    Another MP outliving his use by date

    Posted 2 months ago by Kenneth Tan

  • What's wrong with Singapore's PAP? Their government has been the envy of many nations around the world. UMNO can't even hold a candle against PAP. UMNO in 2018 has been the world's laughing stock because of the 1MDB scandal.

    Posted 2 months ago by Tanahair Ku

  • Nonsense! Just focus on your party and the leaders facing serious criminal charges.
    Distraction, distraction, distraction

    Posted 2 months ago by Mithran Poobalan

  • TMI should have given right of reply to DAP.

    Posted 2 months ago by Anak Kampung

    • Response from a young DAP leader:

      Posted 2 months ago by Anak Kampung

  • Age is catching up with the guy...

    Posted 2 months ago by Thomas Samuel