Is a stronger China bad for southeast Asia?

Karim Raslan

Is China – under President Xi Jinping – Southeast Asia’s new hegemon?

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  • It is fair isn’t it brother . If we expect favours and help from others, we shpulf treat them like they are important, and if we don’t treat them like they are important important , at least we shouldn’t expect their help or favor .

    But sometimes I think many of us are unfair to each other, by expecting others to help and do us favor, though we don’t treat them as important , or by not helping or doing others a favor , although we expect them to treat us importantly.

    That’s why perhaps why so many of us end up thinking that something is not right or unfair

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    The voice that tells you when to stop when you are adding seasoning to the pot

    If nations were like community oF people , I would reckon that it is best for a person aspire to be strong enough to be able guarantee his independence and dignity.

    But If perchance a person is unable
    To do guarantee ones own independence and dignity , and therefore has to depend on some big man in the community to help them with their life, I reckon that it would be best if that person prays that the big man in town that he has to depend on is the sort of person that is naturally inclined to mind their own business , leave other people alone , sporting in competition, humble in seeking recognition, quick to help and late to interfere .

    Other than the sporting in competition part and the quick to help part, I am quite confident that China is all of the rest.

    Posted 3 years ago by Nehru Sathiamoorthy

    • Cut and paste error. Ignore

      Posted 3 years ago by Nehru Sathiamoorthy