Wing needs reset, admits new PKR women’s chief

Diyana Ibrahim

Fuziah Salleh says there are 25,000 new applications in the past six months to join PKR’s women’s wing. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Afif Abd Halim, August 5, 2020.

PKR’S women’s wing became a platform for the personal interests of its previous leaders rather than for the party, its newly minted chief, Fuziah Salleh, told The Malaysian Insight. 

Her predecessors had only been eager to fight for positions rather than work for the party or address women’s issues, she said.

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  • Sudah kalah dalam pemilihan tetapi masih diangkat sebagai ketua wanita. Inilah kualiti pimpinan PKR sekarang. Yang sedia ada, dia pecat pastu angkat yang kalah. Muka-muka tembok yang tak tahu malu. Siapa yang gila jawatan sejak kalah teruk berkali-kali? Tahniah sajalah. Akhirnya, hasrat tercapai juga walaupun secara backdoor.

    Posted 1 month ago by Casey H

  • This slanderous woman is back with another of her bedtime stories. Still resh in their minds, PKR supporters will never forget during the last Pkr election, this good for nothing MP of Kuantan could not even be in the top 5 contesting for the Naib President post. She received only 1/3 votes of what Zuraida Kamaruddin achieved during the election. Everyone knows this cunning woman was one of the 7 'Geng Kitol ' behind the X Convict (Now president of PKR) masterminding in the sacking of Zuraida and Azmin Ali from PKR. Now with Zuraida gone, her ambition to lead the Women's wing is fulfilled. Hahaha.. What dirty ways to hold a post.. To freshen her mind, while in Pkr, Zuraida not only holds the post of Naib President, but she also holds The Ketua Wanita PH post,Minister for KPKT and even recognize as The Iron Lady of Malaysia by An International Magazine. Zuraida's reputation speaks for herself. Maybe bcoz of Zuraida always being in centre stage, jealousy together with hatred grows deep in her heart.. After all, how many Malaysian's knows who Fuziah Salleh is xcept for her slanderous remarks towards the Johore Government.. With the sacking of Zuraida and Azmin Ali from PKR and the ever Well Known Sodomizing President in power of PKR, it is obvious that PKR is digging their own graves.. Sacking well known figures and the backbone of PKR leaders like Azmin Ali, Zuraida Kamaruddin, Haniza Talha, Daroyah Alwi is a mistake PKR will always regret comes the next General Election.. Electing losers into powers only strengthen the Theory That PKR is on The Verge of Collapse...

    Posted 1 month ago by Kamal Hatta