Azmin’s gang adds no value to Muafakat Nasional, says Nur Jazlan

Mohd Farhan Darwis

Former Pulai MP Nur Jazlan Mohamed says Bersatu is weak in Johor as it lacks the machinery and grassroots strength. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Nazir Sufari, August 2, 2020.

MOHAMED Azmin Ali’s group of 10 MPs, otherwise known as G10, does not add value to Muafakat Nasional (MN), said Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

The Johor Umno deputy chairman told The Malaysian Insight that the group lacks strength because it moves without a party.

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  • Why differ, quarrel, and fight for seats if muafakat, perikatan and berjuang kerana ugama bangsa dan negara is the agenda

    Posted 5 months ago by Zainuddin Yusoff

  • All are from the same race and religion. Get rid of the bad hats, heavy weight corruptors, light weight thieves and monsters robbers first before even think of GE 15. They're bunch of robbers, traitors and self enrichment lots. Where do the declared millions come from? Where are the undeclared m

    Posted 5 months ago by Zainuddin Yusoff

  • Whether PH , BN or PN , non can change much in policies favoring the Malays. Because. Malay voters are the biggest customers base in an election. Most importantly, get rid of the corrupted leaders whether from UmNo or PAS or any political party. The the public will trust that political party. Malay Voters may want to choose MN but with all the known corrupted leaders helming UMNO and PAS, voters have their doubt to vote. The have to consider economic , financial and country impact in long term with this kind of corrupted leaders. They are selfish and greedy. Takes billion into their pockets and give away million to the political dependents. Eventually only the Malay political Lords are rich, not the mass volume if ordinary Malays.

    Posted 5 months ago by James Wong

  • Azmin's group is not relevant, Bersatu is also irrelevant. Muafakat is clearly a closed though and is for certain people only. What a screwed up consensus ideology!

    Amidst the hostility from UMNO, Muhyiddin's premiership for sure will be a short-lived one.

    Posted 5 months ago by Tanahair Ku

  • Nur Jazlan is so right.

    Posted 5 months ago by Elyse Gim

  • Just say it loud ... we only need Bersatu and Azmin & gang temporarily so that we can be in power and govern until we dont need them anymore ... which is quite soon

    Posted 5 months ago by NA Bayezid

  • Hello Jazlan, look at your own party. Your leadership is filled with alleged and convicted felons and yet UMNO members continue to support them. What does it say about the principles and morals the party promotes? What kind of values does your party uphold? UMNO's reputation has been greatly compromised. It is no longer the brand name that can be trusted to rule the country and uphold the rule of law etc...

    You second echelon leaders need to rise to the fore and force the old warlords into retirement either at home or Sungei Buloh. This is the only way to restore UMNO to its glory days

    Posted 5 months ago by Super Duper

  • Poor Azmin not wanted nor required anymore, fall out of favour for the one time jewel of PKR. Azmin I am from your area and my vote this time around is not for a frog like you. Same goes to your comrade Lady Z who was given an coal shoulder in BA so mark my word you two will pay the price.

    Posted 5 months ago by Teruna Kelana