Judge declines to hear application to review Riza Aziz case

Bede Hong

A lawyer today fails in his application to have the money laundering case against Riza Aziz reviewed. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, May 22, 2020.

A KUALA Lumpur High Court judge has declined to hear an application by lawyer Shaharudin Ali to review Riza Aziz’s discharge not amounting to an acquittal granted last week in the latter’s case for receiving 1MDB-linked funds.

Shaharudin said no reasons were provided by the justice Mohamed Zaini Mazlan for declining to hear the matter, adding that he received an email yesterday from the court registrar to that effect.

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  • It is immoral, even un-Islamic, to make TT a scapegoat in this fiasco. He was no longer in the driver's seat when the charges were withdrawn. Even if he had made any "recommendation" as alleged, the final decision was made by the AG in the driver's seat at the time the charges were withdrawn. This nonsensical plea-bargain where the accused actually benefits from it cannot be allowed to stand. Why do the parties concerned have a soft-spot for this criminal, or "tak sampai hati" to let him face the full brunt of the law, something that he actually deserves? It is this culture of "tak sampai hati" (no heart) to throw the book at some accused (the privileged people usually) which brings the standards of law enforcement into the gutter. A poor man who takes a loaf of bread without paying for it can be easily sent to jail, but the coat and tie wearing somebody who steals by the thousands of millions gets to keep and enjoy the lion's portion after agreeing to return a small portion of the loot. What is the law enforcement system in Malaysia teaching Malaysians? That if you belong to a certain high or super class, you will not be shamed by being thrown into prison for committing any criminal act! Your "dignity" (MARUAH) will not be ruined by the laws of the country. This gives the high-end criminals a certain sense of security, that if they are caught and charged, it is merely to placate the public and not to make them pay for their crimes. Does it not look like the state abetting these high-end criminals?

    Posted 2 years ago by Ravinder Singh