Shia Islam bigger threat than IS in Asean, say scholars 

Sheridan Mahavera

The Khayr Ummah Conference 2017 sees a good audience turnout, in Kuala Lumpur, yesterday, – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, November 27, 2017.

SHIA Islam is a bigger threat than the Islamic State (IS) militant group to Sunni Muslims in the Asean region, said scholars in a conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Malaysian scholar Dr Hafiz Basir told The Malaysian Insight that he considered Shia Islam to be more dangerous because it was supported by Iran and the Hezbollah, a major Lebanese party.

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  • THIS IS SCHOLARSHIP? In the world of Climate change, energy crises, healthcare timebomb, income inequality. IF this is the biggest problem they see, they do not know what problems are at all..

    Posted 3 years ago by Bigjoe Lam

  • One man's food is another man's poison. To me - all religion is good but I cannot say the same for mankind. It is man that bent religion into hatred and extremism. This are paid scholars - barking in tune with their master wishes.

    Posted 3 years ago by Chris Ng

  • All I see is Sunnis killing everyone including their own.

    Posted 3 years ago by Nick leong