Were our TNB bills really high?

The writer’s monthly bills as a comparison. – Pic courtesy of Boo Soon Yew, June 23, 2020.

I WRITE here in response to a feeling that many of us got when we received our May TNB bill last month and would have had a deja vu feeling for the June bill.

So, we question whether our TNB bills are correct or not? Have we been overcharged for our electric consumption or not?

Now as I use my own bill for comparison, I average a monthly consumption of 520kWh or units, pre-movement-control order of RM191.50 in my February bill.

But we all know that during the MCO, being confined to our homes, obediently following the #StayAtHome clarion call, we would consume more electricity for our air-conditioning, water heaters, kettles, etc.

Then from lighting till charging our mobile or computer devices. They all add up to an increased usage which did shock me initially.

That’s because for the May bill, when we were billed for three months (the first meter reading post-MCO), my bill hit “RM550.70”.

And that was actually after including two auto-debit payments of RM191.50 and RM169.30 for March and April. In other words, my real bill was RM895.78 for three months.

Now this is aside from the diskaun rangsangan ekonomi we all enjoy at various percentages depending on consumption in tandem with the usual 6% SST & 1.6% KWTBB added on.

So, it was like an average of RM900 for three months, or RM300 per month which is a jump from my usual RM200. 

At the same time, there is a misconception that billing of three months gives us, the consumer, a disadvantage in terms of counting by tariff block. Actually, this is not true. If we scrutinise our February and May bills or May and June bills, you will see that the monthly blocks are multiplied by three in the May bill.

So, as the dust settled down, I owe TNB RM550.70 for May and I thought that was the end of it. Yet when I received my June bill, it was RM681.03. I was saying, “Oh no, Here we go again!”.

“But hang on a minute…”

Only by comparing my May and June bills together, and keeping an eye on the top right corner in yellow that mentions “pelan bayaran mudah”, it seems there was a figure of RM170.72 deducted from my May bill of RM550.70 as payment instead of the full amount.

Meaning this pelan bayaran mudah became mandatory for those of us using the auto-debit facility. Causing the “tunggakan” or arrears of RM379.98 added to my June bill. In fact, my June consumption was a “usual” RM301.05, which is basically my “current average” in this MCO/RMCO period.

A few notable observations now is that our “new normal” will prevail, meaning extra electricity consumption is inevitable. Plus, if this pelan bayaran mudah is mandatory, the arrears will continue to roll over to the following months’ bills. When will it stop? 

For now, we can stay proactive to reduce our electrical consumption. Practice EE (energy efficient) as best as we can and may our future TNB bills be more acceptable. – June 23, 2020.

* Boo Soon Yew reads The Malaysian Insight.

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  • My bill still got "tunggakan" even after full payment made in the previous month, i suspect something wrong somewhere with TNB system.

    Posted 1 month ago by S Shaf · Reply

    • I faced the same problem as you. Had gone to TNB, Ipoh to rectify immediately so that this paid balance of May bill would not be rolled onto June when the new auto deduction comes in with another headache of split partial payment. Told them to rectify June bill immediately to pay for June only as May billing has been fully auto deducted within 6 days. Had also informed TNB not to change my auto payment into minimum payment but straight into full payment as always. Instead, I was given a form to fill, told that all bills are done in KL and wait to check on my July billing. I am afraid the same situation would happen again plus roll on from May, June and July!!! What a nightmare

      Posted 1 month ago by Witzi Leong · Reply

  • TNB has used this opportunity to ripoff the rakyat....let's not look at the bills for now. Why has TNB lowered their charges as oil and gas prices came down plus there's no new purchase for their usual excuse of 'cost of operations too high'. By per KWh rates, we're paying one of the highest in ASEAN. Probably they need to pay high salaries for themselves and the GLC appointees!!!!

    Posted 1 month ago by Crishan Veera · Reply

  • Despite showing a deduction for the amounts billd for April & May.. the June bill does not seem to deduct the billed kWh for the 2mths. June bill once again takes the whole 3months usage kWh to recalculate. This is a major double charging fraudulent calculation. This is why the bill is so high cos the 3mths calculation makes all usage fall into all levels of calculating the final billable amount.

    Posted 1 month ago by Jas S. · Reply

  • Blood suckers

    Posted 1 month ago by Teruna Kelana · Reply