Where’s 1MDB funds going, asks Ambiga

The Malaysian Insight

Lawyer-activist Ambiga Sreenevasan says while Malaysians are willing to show restraint during Covid-19, it doesn’t mean the government owes no responsibility to the people. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, April 17, 2020.

PUTRAJAYA should inform the public as to where the returned US$300 million (RM1.3 billion) linked to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) is going, said lawyer-activist Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Ambiga told The Malaysian Insight this is needed to allay the concerns of civil society groups, which are alarmed that the money is being returned to a government consisting of Umno and even PAS, which previously did not acknowledge any wrongdoing in relation to the 1MDB scandal.

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  • To buy loyalty from remaining MPs to ensure no vote of confidence is being tabled.

    Posted 3 months ago by Neo apartheird 101

  • again, sadly, we have tun to blame for all this mess. whatever transpired, he messed up especially appointing stupid candidate to his cabinet and most of, supporting assmin to stop DSAi. Assmin betrayed him at the end...what an ending. Tun a let down

    Posted 3 months ago by . .

  • Orang yang menggolok buah-buahan dibawah pokok tidak dapat hasil. Orang yang bersia-sia dapat semua.

    Posted 3 months ago by Tanahair Ku

  • Muhiddin will not Thank the REAL PEOPLE WHO DID THE 1MDB RECOVERY Bcoz he is a Malay First NOT A MALAYSIAN FIRST So therefore he will SUPPORT THE MALAY STEAKERS FIRST. Blame Mahathir for all the malay theives If they go Off the Hook bcoz our malaysia JUDICIARY is yet to Prove its INTEGRITY bcoz the REAL FIGHTER OF 1MDB has been put in Tong Simen n Mudered. Malaysia AG Tommy Thomas has been replaced. Mahathir is Not A Statesman .

    Posted 3 months ago by Lucky Boy

  • Questions well asked and points well taken Ambiga. As usual you have the courage and intelligence to stand up for the truth and for the rakyat. God Bless and protect you Ambiga

    Posted 3 months ago by Mike Mok

  • The vultures are manning the key to the vault so your guess is as good as mine. I came, I see and I take it.

    Posted 3 months ago by Teruna Kelana

  • What about the returned 1MDB fund during Pakatan government, no Ambiga seemed to want to know where the money gone to, hypocrites Ambiga

    Posted 3 months ago by Ty Tiko