The controversial contract that can cost BN the Felda vote

Zulkifli Sulong

ABOUT 15 years ago, tens of thousands of settlers signed a replanting agreement with Felda that activists claim has led to one of their biggest problems today – crushing debt.

That agreement is now being studied by the settlers’ children, activists, lawyers, and politicians who want to either challenge it in court or use it as fodder for their general election campaigns.

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  • Actually its not a lopsided contract but rather turned the Settlers from Owner-farmers to just owners. As shareholder, it takes 10 years to get back the money invested including taking the salary, it should take 15 years to pay off any debt under the scheme. The problem with the issue, its a bad idea. WHICH IS THE REAL PROBLEM WITH FELDA SCHEME - UMNO/BN HAS NO IDEA HOW TO MOVE THE FELDA SCHEME FORWARD. Sharir's idea of "smart townshp" for Felda is more proof they have no idea how to move forward, they do not have real plans, that is why people could steal from Felda because they were willing to listen to and try all sort of crazy dumb ideas in the first place.

    Posted 3 years ago by Bigjoe Lam