Leave PM transition to Dr Mahathir, Anwar and Pakatan council

Mohd Farhan Darwis

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim says the transition of power should be discussed harmoniously with the prime minister and Pakatan Harapan presidential council. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Nazir Sufari, January 5, 2020.

THE transition of prime ministership is a matter to be decided by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) presidential council, said PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, stressing all parties should stop the speculations.

He said the transition date should be a subject of harmonious discussion between Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and him.

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  • Lets be fair lah, 5 years term means half for each. 2.5 years each. Means PM transition power should happen in November 2020. Simple as that, Dr M is trying to be fair but don't try to instigate anything otherwise. Dr M is also a fighter like Anwar, if u over do, he is upset and have evey capability to make things difficult for PKR or Anwar for that matter.

    Posted 1 month ago by James Wong

    • DR M is a bad PM, he is old, believes that Malays are supreme in Malaysia-meaning Chinese and Indians are worthless passengers-he is an Islamist who does not respect other religions, he is taking Malaysia backwards-Mahathir is the Mugabe, Suharto,Marcos and Idi Amin all in one. You must be kidding that we would want this man to continue as PM. Malaysian of all races would prefer not to have PH in government than a diluted government with Mahathir and Hussein Onn's family with cromies pulling the strings. Anwar must force the issues-millions of Malays support Anwar. people on the ground dont like what they see in UMNO.

      Posted 1 month ago by Jimmy Bonds

  • I think Tun must have reasons not to pass the baton to Anwar. Will be another failure ....
    Another Maszlee

    Posted 1 month ago by Charis W

  • As long as Mukhriz is left out of the government together with Hishamuddin-Malaysia will be a better place. We dont want dynasties. We want young,vibrant,resilient, open-minded,educated Malays, Chinese and Indians to be in government-not Rafidah Aziz type or any other old frogs.

    Posted 1 month ago by Jimmy Bonds