Malacca Bersatu rep to host Zakir at event

Alfian Z.M. Tahir

Dr Zakir Naik was previously banned from speaking in Malacca. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, September 1, 2019.

BERSATU supreme council member Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen is holding a religious ceremony in Malacca next week featuring Zakir Naik, despite a ban on the controversial preacher giving speeches in public.

A poster for programme has gone viral on social media, and  states that Dr Zakir will be at the event at the Cina Krubong Mosque on September 7.

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  • Celaka bersatu hehehe

    Posted 5 months ago by Astann astann

  • DSAI can well be our next PM. We now anxiously look forward to that day.

    Posted 5 months ago by Tanahair Ku

  • Bersatu Malacca & CM Malacca should be hauled up by PH's Disciplinary Board to show cause why disciplinary action should not taken against them/him. Why should the non-Malays vote for PH in Malacca in GE15?

    Posted 5 months ago by Sidney Karan

  • What is Bersatu trying to prove? They got the wrong way of politicking.

    Posted 5 months ago by Penganalisa L

    • They want the non Muslims to know that they have no respect for the kafirs.

      Posted 5 months ago by T E

  • Some of these mamaks are the worst culprits when it comes to sh*t stirring.

    Posted 5 months ago by Simple Sulaiman

  • Another Bersatu mamak who is in love with Zakir.

    Posted 5 months ago by Gerard Lourdesamy

  • we know where bersatu stand in this govt and tun's agenda. tun pls step down and bersatu pls join umno

    Posted 5 months ago by . .

  • Are these BERSATU Idiots trying to cause racial troubles using Zakir Naik? Why are they treating Zakir Naik like a ROYAL? Is it to stir troubles? Cannot understand these extremists from BERSATU. Bersatu is becoming worse than UMNO.

    Posted 5 months ago by Swaminaidu Venkatasamy

  • With all the jerks, fake degrees, bloated egos in Bersatu you don't need enemies PH sadly will be thrashed in GE15. The opposition can start preparing for the incoming administration.

    Posted 5 months ago by Justin Leno

  • Bersatu is the illegitimate child of the union of UMNO and PAS

    Posted 5 months ago by J w

  • Bloody racist action...we will remember.

    Posted 5 months ago by Lipdah Lia