Umno Supreme Council to meet today on BN’s future

SM Amin

The Umno Supreme Council will meet today to discuss BN’s future after components MCA and MIC threatened to quit the former ruling coalition. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, March 7, 2019.

THE Umno Supreme Council will meet today to deliberate the future of Barisan Nasional after MCA and MIC’s repeated calls for the dissolution of the former ruling coalition.

Umno Supreme Council member Armand Azha Abu Hanifah urged all parties to be patient while the party’s leadership studies the recent joint-statement by MCA and MIC threatening to leave BN.

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  • This is just a lip service to show that they are empathy and that they have some degree of compassionate with MCA & MIC and most importantly they are not the ones asking this two to leave the component or whatever that is left of it. In short to show they are not ungrateful and ruthless. Nazris remarks isnt the first of such kind and prior to this theres KJ and Anuaar Musa thus these are well calculated moves to drive MCA & MIC out, now that they have PAS on the horizon to form a 100% Malay based party collation to drive and be the Malay champion. Its obvious that both MCA & MIC cant draw in the votes since the Chinese votes is going to DAP while MIC is too small either way you put it. Malay votes in the urban has been lost out of which they are drumming the race card to gain some votes that are fence sitters and those they wash their brains to regret voting for PH. Its the votes coming from the rural area that they are really banking on and its a crying shame to allowed people with no integrity to helm this nation. Though the next election is still far off, on reality its has already started, dont you agree with me here!!

    Posted 4 years ago by Teruna Kelana