Toppling Najib more important than saying sorry, says Dr Mahathir

“SORRY” is not the hardest word to say for Dr Mahathir Mohamad. But for 92-year-old, the bigger agenda now is how to end Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration in the next elections.

Right now, we up against a man who is destroying the country. Do you want to say, before you do that, you please say ‘I am sorry’? I think that is too small to consider,” said Dr Mahathir during a Facebook live session with The Malaysian Insight today.

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  • His ego is too big to say sorry.

    Posted 4 years ago by Kevin Teh

  • Apparently some of us would rather drown than accept help from someone whom we think should say sorry first.

    Posted 4 years ago by Sue Khoon Ang

  • Saying sorry does not mean anything at all nowadays. In general the environment has made many to be very mean and devoid of empathy and emotions. I would rather be open minded to accept Mahatir actions in restoring the Malaysia we know rather than his appologies which will not bring in any comforts. The intense hatred for his past actions are also epiphenomenal leading to herds mentality . He maybe the creator of the miseries but if many a politicians has the integrity not to buy in to his rubbish it won't work . Sadly it is also the Rakyat to be accountable as we are very meek in stating our rights and fearful of what will happen to us or love ones that hold us back unnecessarily but we totally forgot that it is people power that can vanquish a dictator or a dishonest politician. Yes it may come with a price but what the heck when we are already being subjugated to endless streams of miseries. How many jails are there to hold us and if too many atrocities are done to the rakayat, do not forget the world is also watching. Are we brave enough????
    So all those critics of the sly old fox --- would you dare to go and do what is suppose to be the rakayt chores or still insist a non value appologies from the sly old fox rather than leaving him on his remaining years to lead the charge and make a change. I have totally loathed him in all my life and evertime when I am out in the open and being unhappy with all the happening the first instance is the sly old fox is the cause. It was under his watch that started the happening and perpetuated till now BUT right now a wiser me silently advise that "let the one with courage and ability with nothing to loose takes up what you could not". Well ....When all is done the least we could do is let him have the honorable ride to the sunset . He has made his amends in actions and not just the silly non value appologies hunger by all where we could not cash.

    Posted 4 years ago by Lee Lee