Low Chinese, Indian turnout might derail Pakatan in Cameron Highlands

Lee Chi Leong

BN direct candidate Rahim Mohd Nor at an MCA event in Brinchang on Sunday. Cameron Highlands is one of the most ethnically diverse seats, as no single community represents more than 40% of voters. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, January 16, 2019.

LOW Chinese and Indian voter turnout at the Cameron Highlands by-election might derail Pakatan Harapan’s goal of capturing the parliamentary seat, said by-election campaign director Wong Kah Woh.

The by-election is the biggest electoral test for PH since the general election as the ruling coalition will contest in a seat won by Barisan Nasional in the 14th general election by 597 votes.

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  • Here is why pakatan shd lose this by-election:
    1. Teoh beng hock
    2. Indira gandhi
    3. Acceptance of umno into pbbm
    4. Backtracking on electoral pledges
    5. Poor learning curve among its ministers
    6. Still driving an opposition minded narrative, i.e a vote for umno is vote for kleptocracy. Hallo, that is old story la...umno is not in power. So hiw can umno become a klpetocract govt once again?

    Posted 4 years ago by Rock Hensem