Anwar admits attempt to sabotage PM succession plan

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim speaking at a Pakatan Harapan charity dinner last month. He has, for the first time, admitted the existence of a conspiracy to stop him from becoming the next prime minister. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, January 4, 2019.

ANWAR Ibrahim has admitted there are saboteurs in Pakatan Harapan seeking to derail the plan for him to take over as prime minister, reports the Financial Times.

The PKR president told the business daily on Wednesday that there are people out to put a stop to the arrangement between him and Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

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  • Next Otak or Otai or whatever will say Azmin is behind the scheme! This internal turmoil in PKR is never ending and now it is becoming a nuisance.
    Just stop this internal bickering and get on with working for the people who put you in power..
    You politicians are so damn selfish, just thinking about power and how to stay in power..
    I think in the five years between elections, 3-4 years are spent on strategising how to stay in power whilst the remaining 1-2 years are spent on serving the people..
    If PH is not going to make a difference in delivering value to the Rakyat, you can kiss GE15 goodbye!

    Posted 1 year ago by TTs Take

  • Btw, and by the looks of his capabilities... I dont think DSAI will be a capable PM or rather he may not be ready to assume the reins of premiership within the next 2 years..

    He really hasnt shown his capabilities apart from reminding people about the verbal agreement to hand over the reins to him in the next 2 years..

    I think DR M should continue until DSAI is ready.. even if it takes the next 5 years or until GE15.

    The internal turmoil and conflict within PKR is not helping.. it is weakening the party... especially if Azmin & his faction were to leave PKR to form a new coalition or collaborate with Dr Ms party..

    Posted 1 year ago by TTs Take

    • He is an elected MP and not in the Executive so what capabilities are you talking about? He spent most of his years in jail and still held the coalition together. You're most likely a troll trying to appear reasonable,

      Posted 1 year ago by K Pop